Important Guide to Whiplash – Causes to Treatment

Whiplash is basically a non-medical term that is related to head or neck injuries. There is millions of such injury caused due to motor accidents. The severity of accident...

Whiplash is basically a non-medical term that is related to head or neck injuries. There is millions of such injury caused due to motor accidents. The severity of accident depends upon person to person and particularly caused due to the sudden hyper extension of the cervical spine.

Whiplash is a neck or head injury that often caused due to accidents or collisions with the car. But, any forceful blow to your head can cause to whiplash. Both the slow and fast person can get victimized of this collision. Also, the soft tissues get severely damaged with this accident.  May be just after the accident the patient might not get aware of the serious damage caused to the neck and head. So, it is better that you must immediately visit whiplash doctor. These doctors are specialized in whiplash treatment. According, to the doctors the injury will get worse if immediate actions are not taken instantly.

Causes of Whiplash

As already said it is caused by a forceful hyper extension that affects the cervical spine as well. Car accidents are not the only way that can cause whiplash injury, though they are the most common cause. You can also get victimized of that injury if you fall or slip while playing different sports.  According to the whiplash doctor, this injury leads to change the shape of the cervical spine even. If you sustain the injury, the vertebrae of the neck actually move from its normal position. The soft tissues, on the other hand, stay with the risk of getting damaged.

Symptoms are not always immediate

Beck and shoulder pain are the most common symptoms of this injury. But, sometimes even these symptoms do not occur immediately just after the accident. You might get victimized by the symptoms later and may develop after weeks. Even some symptoms are not associated with the accident as well like headaches, muscle pains, numbness.  Mainly, you can feel the pain in the upper and middle spine. The pain actually evolved in the neck and spread to shoulders, arm as well as head too. The pain might be become sharp or even dull due to some movements or postures.

When you need Medical Attention

If the pain increases and spread to your arm or shoulder, or it becomes difficult for you to move your head then you must visit a whiplash doctor. Also, the time when you feel numbness or the pain is actually affecting your daily work then it’s the time when you must visit the doctor who is expert in this field.  These symptoms of your can be improved if it is properly diagnosed.

How actually is whiplash diagnosed?

After, the accident when the patient might be taken to the doctor and the doctor assess the injury. Primarily the doctor will examine his neck and head.  If the doctor finds any symptoms of whiplash then he will begin his treatment. The victim of the disease might undergo with X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan to see that whether the patient has gone through any other fracture or not.

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