A Café for Everything

McDonald’s in India has been a pioneer of creative and heartfelt advertising, which never fails to bring a smile on ones face and touch the heart. They recently released a new ad film for their path-breaking venture into the world of coffee and cafes, the McCafé. The film is on the lines of “There’s a McCafé for Every Moment”, and rightly so! It has a peppy fun soundtrack playing in the back drop and it uplifts the whole mood and fell of the film. If you have a look at it, you are bound to relate with at least one line from this song. It talks of  all the ups and downs of life, all the colorful  moments and moments of despair as well. From being bored or feeling low to partying with friends or just feeling great, the ad shows us the little joys and little hitches in our lives. You won’t be able to help but smile while watching the video. Whatever your mood be, there is a McCafé for that.

So what could be the right times and moment when you can visit a McCafe, you ask? How about when you feel like something sweet to kick start your day? Who says one cannot eat a cake early morning? A sweet start of the day means you are most likely to smile all day. In fact, researchers from Tel Aviv University recommend eating chocolate cake for breakfast, because mornings are when our metabolism is most active.
Now picture this: It’s raining like mad outside, you rush home, take a shower, throw on in your comfiest pair of pajamas, and slide under your warmest blanket to look out the window. You are surrounded by you most favorite things in the world, since it’s your room, you have that amazing book you’re reading and are curled up around it, reading and suddenly you feel a void. Wonder why? It’s a void that only a cup of steamy hot chocolate can fill, without asking questions or any conditions. Hot Chocolate is one of the most loved forms of chocolate in the world and it wasn’t always sweet. As per historians, Olmecs of Mexico, who may have been the first to drink chocolate, liked it bitter. Many years later, the Spanish sweetened the drink by adding sugar and cinnamon. We are not complaining!

So you want something to eat. Or maybe you just want to drink something. Not sure what you want? Not sure what would feel just right and satisfy your soul? Fear not. First head to your nearest McCafé. There goes the ‘where’. Now come the ‘what’? There’s one thing on the menu which never goes wrong, no matter what your preferences and what mood you are in. Celebrating or picking yourself up after being sab for so long, a cup of hot delicious cappuccino at McCafé is sure to please everyone. After all who can resist the taste and aroma of a hot cup of Arabica coffee which creamy foamed milk. You even get to choose to add yummy flavors like cinnamon and hazelnut.

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