A detailed insight on the CAD / CAM domain

CAD and CAM are the two essential software to consider when it comes to designing and manufacturing of products. Both the software is collectively used for designing and machining of product models and completed parts. Several CAD / CAM courses are present in this domain to aid  learners get a comprehension about the different CAD / CAM software of your choice.

Now let us discuss about the CAD / CAM software in detail.

Computer-aided Design (CAD)

CAD is a computer aided software, which means it uses a computer system to outline the designing procedure and incorporates product designing, editing and enrichment. Computer aided design may encourage the assembling procedure by exchanging itemized graphs of item's materials, procedures, resiliencies, and measurements. It can be utilized to create either 2D or 3D graphs, which can be then be seen from different angles on a computer system.

Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Computer-aided manufacturing employs the utilization of computer aided programming to control machine devices and related hardware in the manufacturing procedure. The use of CAM software has revolutionized the manufacturing process by improving the efficiency of all operations of manufacturing, including arranging, administration, transportation and capacity. Its main role is to quicken the creation process along with more exact measurements and material consistency.

Advantages of using CAD/CAM

Using CAD / CAM systems definitely gives added advantages over the traditional and clumsy methods of designing and manufacturing. The application of CAD / CAM software also reduces the time required for production planning and allows for easy allocation of resources to different jobs. There are numerous other benefits of using CAD / CAM, some of them are mentioned below:

  • The conceptional time for designing and manufacturing is reduced by using CAD / CAM.
  • The chances of error and mistakes while design and manufacturing can be dodged.
  • Using CAD / CAM software helps in the better documentation of the design.
  • The overall quality of the product, in terms of both design and creation, is improved.

CAD / CAM Training Courses

These are a few CAD / CAM courses, a training in which can provide the aspirant expertise in using the particular software:

  • Pro
  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • SP3D
  • PDMS
  • Navisworks
  • Magma5
  • Inventor

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