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Everyone wants to have perfect eyesight but unfortunately genetics, lack of eye exercises and the constant strain of being on electronic gadgets are robbing people away of their sight. Another eye disease that affects some people is colour blindness and it is majorly hereditary and happens mostly at birth although a lot of other factors like diabetes, glaucoma etc. may also play a role in leading to colour blindness. According to statistics, every 1 out of 12 men suffer from colour blindness. It is fairly easy to detect a mild case of color blindness by undergoing a colour blindness test. 

There are different types of eye tests that can to be undertaken to check for colour blindness. This test would definitely help detect if an individual is able to distinguish between, red, green, yellow, brown and orange. The most common problem lies in identifying between red and green colour. To a person who is colour blind, those colours would appear the same.

Being colour blind means to not be able to distinguish between certain colours. A person would not be able to ‘see’ different colours though their vision could still be pretty clear. This condition is named as Colour Vision Deficiency(CVD). There is deficiency in some photo receptors in the eye that make it impossible to tell the difference between shades of colours.

Life can become a tad difficult with menial tasks taking longer to complete or confusions happening in executing something. Don’t wait for the eye problem to get worse, visit the only specialist eye care center in the world, located in Mumbai to treat your colour blindness. The colour blindness test in India is done here too. This centre has treated more than 900 such cases successfully for people around the world who suffer from colour blindness. They are the only centre in India to own the CAD( Colour Assessment and Diagnosis) test machine which provides a complete and thorough test for colour blindness in the world. Their eye care facilities are located in Borivali and Chembur.

They have developed a remedy for people suffering from colour blindness in India and the world over by which they rejuvenate the cone cells responsible for colour perception by stimulating the neurotrophic factors in the retina.

Ask your eye related queries online with their qualified eye specialists and get their expert advice and opinion, though it is recommended to visit the facility to get treated according to the nature of the eye problem.

One need not suffer life long with this problem. Despite trying all sorts of allopathy medicines treatment of colour blindness still persists for some. Such people need to be encouraged and inspired to try out alternate medical therapies. These eye therapies attempt to go beyond modern medicine by treating eye problems in a safe and effective way. This eye care facility in Mumbai also claims to cure eye complications which are hereditary and is found to be untreatable by all other means. The encourage people to improve their eyesight through natural means.

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