Have you always dreamt of becoming a diplomat and you have no idea where to start or what to go about it? Worry not. I have you covered. I will inform you about what you are required to have to get there. From the education requirements to skills: and who knows, I might surprise you that you are fit to get a diplomatic appointment and get your diplomacy mission started. What does your dream require? Let us find out.


Educational requirements may differ from one state to the other and may vary with the task mentioned in the diplomatic appointments letter. However, to be honest with you, you must work had at school. Ensure that your academic papers are presentable. Ensure that you are well equipped with basic knowledge. Read books about your country and other countries.

However, some degrees can see you there easily. What are these degrees?

  • Degrees in international studies
  • Political science
  • Law

Becoming a diplomat takes work, but a good degree can be a valuable stepping-stone to success.


So, what are some of the attributes that will not only see you to your dream career but also keep there for quite a long time? Walk with me. I will let you know.

  • An abiding passion on diplomacy and international relations

Passion makes things happen. Yes not only in the field of diplomacy but also in any other field that you will ever find yourself in. passion gives you sleepless nights and return it motivates you towards getting a diplomatic appointment and keeps you in that field for quite a long period of time.

  • Be verbally fluent and concise. According to George Shultz, listening is an underrated way of acquiring knowledge. Pay attention, speak when necessary only and always keep your comments brief.
  • Be a tough and effective negotiator. In the field of diplomacy, you will find tough diplomats. Some will be well-equipped knowledge wise while other may have been in that field for quite a long time. Well, that should not scare you. Be tough in your own. Be firm. Stand with your own principles all the time.
  • Be fit physically and mentally. Honorary consuls or even diplomats sit for hours trying to negotiate something. Each party trying to convince the other that his point of view is better than the others are. Therefore both physical fitness and mental fitness is a requirement.


Apart from those personal attributes, there are skills that you have to master as you grow or better from now. So, what are the skills that you are required to have? They include leadership skills, interpersonal and communication skills, strong analytical and information gathering ability, substantive knowledge of the native and the host government, history and cultures of your country.


In conclusion, you should have a clean record with the government. What does that mean? You should have observed all the rules and regulations of your native land. Let there be no a filed report of a day you broke any of the rules. Be clean. In a situation where your diplomatic appointment states that you are a career diplomat, then a diplomatic passport will be a major requirement too.

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