Proteins are nitrogen-containing biomolecules which are constructed of amino acids. They forms the major structural constituent of muscle and other body tissues. Additionally, they are also utilised for the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, haemoglobin, neurotransmitters etc. The proteins are divided into two different categories - essential and non essential proteins. The essential ones are taken from outside sources as the body does not have enzymes for their synthesis while non essential ones are synthesised by our body no need to take from external sources. The absence of any essential amino acids result in improper development, body may loss efficiency to repair the damaged muscles. The protein can be derive either from plants or animals. Plant sources lacks one or two amino acids that’s why it is know as incomplete protein while animal sources provide complete range of amnio acids so it is considered as the complete protein. 

Protein requirement for athletes is somewhat different from sedentary worker. Strength athletes require more protein than endurance athletes. Due to which many athletes and coaches belief that high intensity exercise entails more protein to promote protein synthesis, for recovery of injured muscles and also for synthesis of hormones, neurotransmitters. So , for this purpose casein protein powder proffer you the greatest benefits to enhance protein synthesis for long duration, prevent muscle soreness and fatigue.

Casein is the major protein present in milk. It is also know as slow releasing protein as it is digested slowly compare to other animal proteins and supply amino acids steadily. It is mostly consumed during night time as it helps in maintenance of the muscle and recharge you for the next morning. That’s why it is also called night recovery protein .

High quality Protein in appropriate quantity is conducive to promote muscle synthesis. So, Steadfast Nutrition Mi Casein is appropriate supplement which  is derived from micellar casein. In addition to this, SN Mi Casein proffer you all the essential amino acids to prevent  the catabolism of the muscle after high intensity activity. Moreover, this product is usually recommended during night time or early morning to sustain the prolong recovery of muscle and stimulate anabolism of muscle. Additionally this late night protein also improves your sleep quality as it is digested slowly. 

Now we understand how casein works?On consumption casein forms micelles that are water insoluble and get disperse. Then different digestive enzymes breakdown these micelles into smaller molecules which result in slowly and steady release of amino acid and hence, protect muscle from breakdown and boost muscle strength. People can purchase Steadfast Nutrition Micellar Casein protein either from official website or you can also look for steadfast stores.

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