Adorn your house: DIY home decors

Dry walls coloured in the dull paint. Tiles blocked up into a plain floor. Too many things to accommodate but too less space available. Do these words remind you of your home? Are you searching for ways to make your house colourful and decorative? Here are a few interesting and innovative ideas to ornament your hous

I. Wall pattern (Herringbone wall pattern)

Wall patterns are very attractive and generally liked by all. However, having wall pattern in your house could be financially demanding.  So most of us don’t opt for it, but when you make your own wall patters, it would be cheaper and much more interesting!

Materials required:

  1. Wall paint.
  2. Frog tape.
  3. Measuring tape.


  • Divide the wall: Consider measuring your wall first and then divide it into equal columns (the number and size of columns could vary depending on your needs and the wall size)
  • Make the pattern: Start sticking the frog tape on the wall in a “zigzag” pattern. For example, in the first column, if you stick the frog tape from the left top corner and end it in the right bottom corner, you should start the pattern for the next column from the left bottom corner and end it in the right top corner.

Continue doing the same pattern for all the columns.

  • Paint the wall: Once you have finished sticking the frog tape on the wall, you can start painting the wall.
  • Remove the frog tape: Let the paint dry and then you can start removing the frog tape from the wall. Do it carefully and slowly.

And there is the Herringbone wall pattern for you. Totally stylish and classy!

II. Crayon wall hanging:

Too many tiny crayons lying scattered around you? Why don’t you make it as a wall hanging? Here is how you do it.

Materials required:

  1. Crayons of all colours.
  2. Hair drier.
  3. canvas.
  4. glue


  • Make a pattern with the crayons: Collect all the crayons that you have and stick it in a shape or pattern (as per your choice) on the canvas.
  • Melt the crayons: Turn the hair drier to high heat and blow it on the crayons. You will find the crayons melting as wax and colour your canvas splendidly!
  • Let it cool: After your crayons have melted let it cool down. You can use paintbrushsh to adjust and mix the colours, if you wish.

And there you give your eyes a colourful delight!

III. Photo frames:

Plain walls keep staring at you and urging you to give them some life? Alight them with beautiful photos and photo frames.

Materials required:

  1. Coloured or uncoloured ice cream sticks.
  2. glue.


  • Make the base of the photo frame: Stock 8 ice-cream sticks horizontally and stick them together.
  • Make the frame: Once you have finished making the base, place 8 ice cream in a rectangular form (two on each side) and stick them together.
  • Insert your photo: After you have finished making the frame, let it dry. And then you can slide your photo into the frame.

Make as many frames as you need to fill you wall and let your memories stare at you

IV. Woollen balloons:

Having decorated the walls how can you forget the ceiling?  Here are the “woollen balloon hanging” to garnish your ceiling.

Materials required:

  1. Ballons.
  2. Woollen thread.
  3. Glue.


  • Blow the balloons: Blow all the balloons to any size of your wish.
  • Dip the woollen thread in glue: Unwrap the woollen thread bundle and dip it in glue. You can use different colour woollen thread also.
  • Wrap the woollen thread around the balloon: Once your thread is dipped in glue, you can wrap it around the balloon and let it dry.
  • Burst the balloon: After the glue has completely dried you can burst the balloon.

And there you hold in your hands the “woollen balloons”.

Now you can tie a thread around the woollen balloons and hang it!

And have a blissful sight of the “woollen balloons”

Materialize these ideas, add more life to your nest and become the owner of a unique house in your apartment or gated community apartment in Chennai, Bangalore or anywhere in the world.

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