Diplomatic passports are simply passports used by diplomats to identify them as assigned the duty to manage negotiations and other official affairs on behalf of a country or state. This is what is referred to as conducting diplomacy. So is this the only purpose of a diplomatic passport? Does it have any privileges toa diplomat? Is it worth having it? I will be answering you all your questions bit by bit below.

Remember, a honorary consul is not a holder of a diplomatic passport and hence he does not enjoy the following privileges.


The most important advantage of diplomatic passports is that it is a proof that the holder enjoys diplomatic immunity and identifies a honorary consul to the authorities of the host country. However, there are other numerous advantages and privileges of having a diplomatic passport. These privileges vary from one state to the other and with the main object behind the diplomatic appointments.

Some of the common advantages and privileges’ of having a diplomatic passport include;

  • Red carpet treatment by international governments
  • When travelling, a diplomat may use the diplomatic channels of airports and will not be subject to time delaying and annoying customer checks
  • Diplomatic immunity- under international law, the office and the residence of diplomats are extended sovereign status, as such they are off limits to all governments and their agents – even in their native countries.
  • Diplomatic passport not only raises the business success of the diplomat but also boosts the or her social status and prestige.
  • A diplomat acquires free diplomatic vehicle license plates (CC or CD)
  • A diplomat enjoys a no travel or airport departure tax. Once a diplomat acquires a passport he or she is freed of any tax that may result from traveling either on land or on air. A honorary consul or a diplomat can therefore travel from one state not only quickly but also cheaply as no tax is imposed on him.
  • A diplomatic passport holder enjoys confident movement and activity internationally. Once one acquires a passport, travelling becomes easier. The so many questions and requirements at the airport are greatly reduced. This enabled a diplomat to get to his area of destination on time. Similarly, any activity that a diplomatic passport holder may get involved in, either in his native country or in the host country is made easier.
  • A diplomatic passport holder is freed of tax liability on income from outside the host country. Doesn’t that sound great? Yeah it does. A diplomat who has not only confirmed his acceptance of the diplomatic appointment but has also acquired a diplomatic passport pay no tax on income that come from other countries or states apart from the host country.


See, there are a million and one advantages and privileges of having a diplomatic passport. It is not of no great importance as many people are programmed to think. It is actually something that you do not have to think much about whether you need to apply for or not. It is instead something that everyone should strive to acquire before the end of times.

Remember, diplomats who have confirmed the acceptance of the diplomatic appointments and are ready to serve their native state are the only holders of a diplomatic passport. What does that means?

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