Advantages Of Using An Event App For A Conference

Mobile event applications have grown to be a must-have for conferences, advertising events, and trade shows. However, few organizers know that a mobile event app may also be successfully utilized during a conference. In this post, we list different advantages of using a conference app at your science meeting.

If you’re a meeting organizer and so are considering an application for your conference, this post can help you make your mind up.

Finally, Eliminate Paper And Get More Eco-Friendly

A mobile event app enables you to totally get rid of printed components in your meeting. You don’t have to print out the agenda, give away catalogs or conference programs anymore, since all that data could be utilized by your guests through their meeting application. It’s not only convenient but also best for the planet.

Manage Your Agendas Easily

Having a conference mobile app not really only allows you to abandon paper-based materials, it also opens you to a complete "new world " of exciting options. With an interactive plan, your guests can filter the time to find what they actually need. They can also create their particular personal work schedule that may instantly send them a tip before a particular session starts. Also, so long as you need to be concerned about any kind of last-second modifications in our planning, the app could keep your guests updated all the time.

Manage All Of The Queries

You do not need another microphone to go through the conference questions. This disorderly and bothersome procedure is simple to avoid as your attendees are now able to post their questions directly in the application – making the conversation easier. With the built/in voting system, the moderator’s work of finding the right queries can be carried out easily.

Help Your Guests Move Around

Getting from your airport to your conference center may be difficult, specifically for your worldwide guests who don’t understand the local language and are struggling to read aloud the addresses you have provided them. Create a custom-made Google Map and add all the relevant sights online e.g. your location, hotel, suggested restaurants and closest ATMs. Your guests may use this map to get around if they will rent an automobile or show it to a taxi driver to ensure they get to the proper place.

Notify Your Delegates With Notifications

A conference mobile app enables you to reach instantly all your attendees when you need to make an announcement. Sending out a notification means that 100% of your participants are all updated. It’s a good way to welcome your guests to the function, emphasize key sessions or declare some changes in the plan.

Offer  Abstracts

Giving Abstracts could be quite a huge problem - collecting them, review and publishing require a huge amount of time. A conference application with an abstract module grants quick access to all or any of the abstracts and their writers. Your guests may also make get in touch with those abstracts even after the conference.

Get Feedback

Should you be planning the same conference frequently, you usually want the coming year’s conference to be much better than the last one. To do this you should know how your meeting is perceived by your attendees. Managing, planning, collecting and examining paper studies takes a lot of time specifically with big conferences. Creating a survey in the app not merely takes away the discomfort of doing this manually, but also leads to more completed forms.

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