Airbus shows serious interest in the car industry

Christmas season is approaching and so a lot of us start planning our getaway for the cold season, either to enjoy some days in the snow or to escape from it, spending some days in places where it seems like winter never really arrives, like the amazing southern part of the Spanish Peninsula. Never mind the decision you take regarding to your destination to escape the routine with your couple, friends or family, one of the most comfortable options is to rent a car at the place of your destination in order to get around as you please. We recommend you to choose well your rental company – for more information click here.

However, the new technologies of the future always surprise us and it seems like once more technology will change our everyday lifestyle. Thus, the latest news from the Airbus group is catching our attention as it could change our travelling habits forever. Truth is that the car industry is undergoing some important changes: Starting with electric cars that are more demanded than ever thanks to Tesla, to Google’s automated car and Uber’s innovation in the service industry. So, it was only a question of time until the next big company would show intentions to join the revolutions.

That’s exactly what has happened with Airbus, as today an interview was published in which the company’s president showed some serious intentions to launch the first automated flying car in late 2017. The company is currently working on the prototype they hope to finish next year.

Beyond any doubt, we’ll continue watching this revolution with great interest as it has the power to change our travelling habits forever. Who knows, maybe in the future we will be able to rent flying cars for our weekend trips. Seriousely, how awesome would that be?

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