All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Breakfast Menu At Mcdonald’s

McDonalds’ has a rich offering of breakfast foods. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, McDonald’s brings you a delectable variety of fine burgers, beverages and snacks for breakfast. There are some items that are only available specifically on certain days of the week, and are substituted by equally mount-watering items on other days. This is an embodiment of the brand’s philosophy of variety being the spice of life.

Naturally, these offerings might seem too good to be true, and you might feel yourself housing some unanswered questions. Worry not, since here is a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will address each and every concern you might have about the McDonald’s breakfast menu. Without any further ado, let’s get to it.

What is the ideal time to pop into McDonald’s to grab a delicious breakfast?

Anytime between 7am and 12pm is perfect. We are well aware of hectic work schedules, untimely shifts, and the demands of a packed professional life. Whether you are returning, starved, from your rigorous night shift, or have to rush to work for a gruelling day of outdoor filming under the relentless sun, do pop in to McDonald’s for a wholesome breakfast that satisfies your senses and satiates your hunger.

What are some of the best breakfast items at McDonald’s?

The beauty of having a diverse menu is that there is no single ‘best’ item, all of them are popular in their target demographics. Vegetarians prefer a Dosa Masala Brioche to chomp on to accompany their coffee, whereas non-vegetarians can enjoy Masala Scrambled Eggs or the McEgg, a creamy burger. Those with a sweet tooth tend towards the delectable pancakes up for offer. For those who swear by burgers, McDonald’s offers a range of toasty McMuffins.

What are the differences between Corn & Spinach McMuffin and Corn & Spinach Brioche?

While the tasty patty filling remains unchanged, the two items differ on account of the bread used. The bun of the McMuffin is designed for those who like their burgers crispy and filling, being dense and wholesome. On the other hand, the Brioche is a special type of French bread that boasts a hint of sweetness to perfectly complement the spicy patty.

What are the combos that I can get from the breakfast menu?

The breakfast menu features one the best deals – a beverage and a food item for Rs99. The deals differ from day to day. Some of the popular deals include Coffee with Scrambled Eggs, and Tea with Dosa Masala Brioche.

Do I have to wait till 12 to order the classic combo of burger and fries?

While the breakfast menu spans till 12 pm in the noon in McDonald’s, it doesn’t mean that other menu items are off limits. Post 11am, when you’ve already had your coffee and Egg McMuffin, you can order yourself the classic combination of burger and fries, or any other item from the regular menu of McDonald’s that suits your fancy.

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