All You Ought To Know About Child Custody And How To Go About It

Faced by a divorce case facing you, there are already many things in mind that relate to your child and the divorce itself.  Some divorce cases can be so complicated and that will complicate the custody of the children as well.

A few questions that could guide you in getting a clear understanding about child custody are:

  • How does the court decide on a custody case? – The court looks at several factors to be able to determine the child custody agreement.  The court is generous enough to want to maintain the arrangement that was there even before the divorce kicked in.  The best divorce attorney orange county CA will advise all couples to be in their best behavior when they appear in court and not fight over selfish custody.  If the court learns of the fight, your custody battle will be messy.
  • How do you prepare yourself for a custody battle? – If you are a man and need proper representation, look for the Custody Attorney in Orange County who will help you fight it out.  Get acquainted with knowledge on the process, read, research, look up etc. just to stay informed.
  • What timeshare do you get to have with your children? – The time you get to spend with your child is called custodial timeshare.  This timeshare is determined by the amount of money you receive or pay for child support.

What type of agreements can be reached upon for child custody?

  • An out of court agreement – the best divorce lawyer in orange county will be quick to advise you to use this kind of agreement as it lessens the time spent fighting and costs you less money.  Get all the advice you can from both of your attorneys and have a sitting before you present the case to the court.  It is important for both parties to be heard clearly and understood by both lawyers. For parties that may be more aggrieved or find the agreement is not fair they are free to impose a different agreement or move on to the court as the last resort.
  • Court custody orders – In court you don’t get to agree you get to be told what to do!  A contested divorce will always drag the child custody case in court and it can turn out ugly for both the parents that’s why you need the Child Custody attorney in Orange County. Each parent is expected to follow specific guidelines as ordered and required by the judge when the custody is awarded.  When any parent fails to honor the agreement, the parent might lose custody of the child whatever type that has been offered.

What’s the best?

Out of the two models, it is important to note that the court is there to break you free from one another and make you understand that it will fix things as it deems fit not as they feel right.  That in itself can tell you that the earlier you agree on the custody, the better before you face the full wrath of the law.  Mediation is important to calm both parties down and your lawyers can do that without fail.



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