Andalucia Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is one of the most characteristic to the tourism. Specially andalucia’ cuisine , typical food, drink and the variety of restaurants and bars make Andalucia so special.

This cuisine have Arabic, jewish and African origen. You can taste lot of food, even food that your own country.

The fish in Malaga is so fresh, also in Cadiz the seafood is the most popular of all the region. In Huelva there are lots of shrimps and ham.

The cuisine of Cordoba is very interesting, it have local specialities like “salmorejo”, which is a cold vegetable soup, and lovely deserts like “pestiños” fried with honey.

If you are thinking to taste all this special food, we will recommend you to picked up a car hire malaga and travel to all these interesting cities around andalucia. Also, you will visit Granada, the cultural city about Arabic cuisine and monuments, you can taste special Moorish food.

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