Anti-Static Tiles Flooring To Reduce Production of Static Electricity

The interiors and outlook of a house or office space is largely influenced by the type of flooring and tiles used. There are few tiles which are great only in terms of outlook but there are other varieties which also take care of the quality. When it comes to SDT variety of tiles, it helps in providing complete flooring system to control static in multiple workplaces as well as residential complexes.

The Static smart type of flooring is very important as it helps in taking care of the static and provides a permanent protection against the potential damage that might be caused by electrostatic discharge. The specifications of the Static dissipative tile are such that it provides layered and levels of protection. Depending on the requirement and pattern, there are different types of static tiles available for creating and designing the flooring system.

When it comes to Static control flooring, the tiles are designed to support and allow smooth productivity and cater to the needs of technology driven work flow. There are different companies which are known for their world class flooring with help of anti-static tiles. The Static Smart flooring by Julie Industries is commendable as the tiles are eco-friendly with Green Label Plus certification for indoor air quality, silver level cradle to cradle certification and is 100% recyclable.

The Static dissipative tile is generally available as carpet or vinyl tile depending on the kind of flooring required. The vinyl static control tile is great choice when it comes to companies related to electronics manufacturing, data centres, hospitals, server rooms etc. The flooring by Static Smart is available basically in 3 LEVELS of static protection. The tiles which anti-static properties are great for places where there is lot of motion and movement.

When it comes to workplaces with extremely expensive equipments or electronic goods, it is important to equip and floor the place with static reducing tiles. A simple movement of walking or sliding of chair is enough to produce static electricity which may lead to destruction of expensive electronic equipments costing a lot to the company. In order to avoid losing hundreds and millions of dollars of machineries and equipments, it is highly recommended to go for smart flooring with anti-static tiles.

Installing and flooring the office or home with anti-static tiles is a one time job and is done efficiently by many companies. However, Julie industries are there in the field of flooring and installation of anti-static tiles for longer time making it one of the best companies to rely on. Be it installation or maintenance, the static reducing tiles simplify the complete process with longer warranty on the tiles.

The static resistance tiles are manufactured with high quality and electric resistant material and are tested for its quality adhering to the ISO 9001 quality standards. With the integration of such tiles, the occurrence and production of static electricity greatly reduces which helps in keeping the machines and equipments safe and working. The tiles are one-time expense but flooring system with them helps in better performance and productivity.

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