Are you in search of a Top Interior Designer in Dwarka or Gurgaon?

If you are in search of an Interior Designer in Dwarka or Interior Designer in Gurgaon, this can be overwhelming if you are not sure which designer to hire for your complete turnkey home improvement  project. You might be building a new home, renovating an old property or moving to some new home, you need a professional advice for your home to design as per your requirement. This is not wrong to say that you are in search of someone who can pitch your home design and not sure how to go further for the main assessment.

Now, this below explanation can explain and gives answers to some of the frequent questions which a customer ask before hiring an interior design services.

These points will help you in finalizing a good designer for your turnkey interior design and decoration work, no doubt such a combination will certainly come up with an unique style for your home  improvements.

Now the very first question which comes in planning is a difference between an Interior Designer and a Stylist for your Interior Design.

You might have ask this question to yourself several times while facing a home renovation or new home making project. Do I need an Interior Designer, an Interior Decorator, some consultant who can guide about colour schemes or an executor who can execute the complete makeover.

Answer to this query totally depends on the project and scope of the work in that particular work.

Who is an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is a person who is skilled enough to come up with a solution of design according to your briefing and your requirement. Who basically shape up the space according to your taste and the specific demands which you want to incorporate into your home designing work. An Interior designer either enhance the existing structure (renovation) or come up with a complete new design for a space (some type of new construction). In such scenario an Interior Designer actually works in conjunction with an architect and comes into picture at the initial phase of the project. Interior designer generally works as a freelancer or work in a team of some designer firm.

Who is an Interior Stylist?

Now the next thing is, what's the work profile of an Interior Stylist? In simple words they are the one who creates a unique and amazing theme based, meaningful Interior design, which is specifically tailor made  design for you. Such type of interior stylist enhance your existing space with some beautiful objects, that is the reason they are very good in finding stuff which relates to your requirement.

Interior stylist main work is to help and come up with solutions which can suit your own style, by creating a meaningful and unique interiors.

Working of a Color Consultation?

They are the one who only focus on creating a perfect blend of color scheme according to your Interior Design specifically for a particular room or for a complete home makeover according to your requirement. An experienced and qualified Color Scheme designer can guide and help you with your exterior and interior scheme.

Generally, an experienced colour consultant will always ask you about your like dislikes about the colours, about the mood your prefer and atmosphere you like to get in your space. Their job is to guide you about the brands and their plus minus of having those products in home and help you figure out the best possible brand according to your need and budget you want to achieve. They will guide the painter how to start and achieve the results you are looking for.

One of the most important tip while selecting a colour is to get a tester pot and test it either on wall or on some large piece of cardboard with the selected colour. Look this colour in natural light and at the night time with some artificial light as well. Remember, the logic behind testing a colour in natural light and artificial light to check the change in colour in both of the situation. As, the colour always change in natural light and in artificial light.

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