Armored Suv - Shell Special Vehicles

Armored SUV is one of the best in class on-road and off-road maneuverability for mostly any kind of situation. The vehicle is used by Civilians, VIP figures and Police, Military Persoonel's. Armored land cruiser is also known as light armored military vehicle (LAMV).

Shell Special Vehicles manufactures, deals and export armored Toyota land cruiser all over the world and also to the war zone areas. The armored cars are built with the highest quality material that is available in the armored market. Company in-house engineers and technicians are well experienced to armor the Toyota vehicles in hand.
The Armored Toyota has an upgraded brake system with suspension to withstand the additional weight of the vehicle. Before the vehicles are handed over to the clients, the bulletproof vehicle undergoes stringent quality checks during and after armoring. The clients can choose the armored cars from the company stock or they can bring in their own vehicle for armoring.

The company follows standard level of armoring for any vehicle on hand. Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 and Level 7 are the standard armoring level for any vehicle. The company also recommends the clients to armor the vehicle to the level B7 for the maximum protection for the life and the valuables.

The clients can choose from two drives as well that is RHD and LHD. Company can modify the vehicle or attach any required accessories mentioned by the clients before the armoring process is started. The vehicles are aesthetically appealing to the eye during and after the armoring process.

Shell Special Vehicles armors both the models : 2017 and 2018. The latter one comes with luxury and classy interiors with 5.7L, V8 engine which gives the power performance in any terrain. The armoring processing time and price vary according to the protection level required by the clients.

Apart from armored suv, the company also armors passenger vehicles, troop carriers, personnel carrier, pickup trucks, sedan vehicles, luxury vehicles and cash in transit vehicles. The clients can choose from other vehicles as well for their own needs or any commercial requirements. The company can also provide body armor vests, helmets, jackets for the customers, if required by the clients beforehand.

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