Have you watched these 10 political thrillers yet?

Movies are an escape medium for people wanting to get away from their mundane, stressful lives. So, when movies depict the political side of India, one would assume there...

Movies are an escape medium for people wanting to get away from their mundane, stressful lives.

So, when movies depict the political side of India, one would assume there aren’t too many takers. Surprisingly, that’s not true.

Have you watched these political classics yet?

#1 New Delhi Times

Heartthrob actor, Shashi Kapoor, essays a powerful role in this political drama. As a news editor, he must balance the thin line between journalism and idealism. Set against a backdrop of political pressures and the media-politico nexus, New Delhi Times is true even today.

#2 Leader

A romantic movie quickly turns into a political mess. While not as captivating as today’s movies, it was definitely ahead of its times. Dilip Kumar and Vyjyanthimalaescape from a compellingly-woven political mess in this Ram Mukerjee film.

#3 Garam Hava

Legendary actor Balraj Sahni struggles as a Muslim caught in the aftermath of the partition of 1947. The movie, one of the few serious expressions of the plight of post-partition Muslims in India, shows his dilemma of whether to move to Pakistan or to stay back in India.

#4 Aandhi

Some say Aandhiis based on Indira Gandhi’s life, but in fact, only her look is. This 1975 Indian political drama film has Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen at the helm of a story that captures the emotional turmoil of an estranged couple at a chance meeting after decades.

#5Main AzaadHoon

A remake of Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe, Main AzaadHoon showcases the tragic tale of a fictitious revolutionary who raises his voices against extensive corruption. Just a pawn in a political game, he plays the part to make one last impact on the masses.

#6 Hu tutu

Don’t let the commercial failure of this movie disappoint you. A must-watch, this draws amazing parallels between the game of hu tutu and dirty politics. If you thought all kids emulate their parents’ political compromises, this movie will show you otherwise.


Another movie that was not what one would call a commercial success, Gulaal is perhaps one of Anurag Kashyap’s most compelling creations. Visually impactful with strong content and powerful performances to boot, Gulaalcaptures Rajputana politics splendidly.


A commercial film with a strong political message, Rajneeti is quite enthralling. A modern take on mythological Mahabharata, its strong cast of stars makes the movie seem almost real. Discerning viewers will find flaws, but that shouldn’t deter them.

#9 Firaaq

Actress Nandita Das’ directorial venture, Firaaq is a disturbing portrayal of how the riots of Gujarat affected people across caste, communities, faith and age.Communal distrust is the theme that is carried through well by seasoned actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal and Deepti Naval.

#10 HazaaronKhwaisheinAisi

The Indian Emergency is the setting against which three young boys find themselves flung. The film captures the political and social upheavalthat the nation was witness to. The movie has been critically acclaimed and needs to be watched.

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