Wedding Photography Tips for Memorable Shoots

Every bride and groom want their wedding albums to be captured to perfection so that they can relive and cherish the memories of the big day in the later...

Every bride and groom want their wedding albums to be captured to perfection so that they can relive and cherish the memories of the big day in the later years of their lives.

A perfect wedding photograph is framed with the pillars of lighting, location, gesture, and expression. Had clothing and makeup been important, the world’s best photos would not have included torn clothes and smiles with broken teeth – just a food for thought.

This photo was honourably mentioned at 11th position in National Geographic’s Photo of the Year Contest for the year 2015. It was captured by Jackson Hung on Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2015 in Taiwan. It is a random lighting work revealing an old Chinese ritual – passing sticks to each other after sending prayers.

Have a look on these wedding photography tips to make it memorable for the couple as well as to create masterpieces for submitting to the award competitions.

Capture the Details

The couple, spending a lot of money on every detail, wants the photographer to highlight the details in the photos. From bride’s jewellery to groom’s cufflinks every detail has something to say about the event. Ask the couple about their accessories, dress, shoes, dresses of the bridesmaids, and other details. You can capture close shots of the dresses or customise background, for example, capture the wedding ring glowing in the sunlight on the sand.

Click Flattering Portraits

Most of the brides get layered broad-bottom gowns for their weddings. The cape would create a flattering portrait even if the dress is fitted to the skin.

  • Choose a bright location like a fresh green garden with red and orange autumn leaves.
  • The best way to capture flattering portraits is to ask the bride to tilt her posture only 10-20 degrees left or right.
  • Let the sunshine reflect on her face if it is a daytime shoot. For night time shoots, place glowing lamps or fancy lights in the background.
  • Another cool tip is to capture the background in the left half of the photo, and bride and groom and the remaining background in the right half.

Create a Moment to Capture It

Not every bride enjoys her wedding. A nervous bride or a couple in a bad mood may not express well throughout the event. It is the photographer’s job to capture moments but a safe way out is to create moments to capture them. Some ideas to create moments include:

  • A father’s hug to the marrying daughter captured in black and white
  • An intimate kiss captured in the crowd
  • A sad forever-alone friend among romantic couples in broad daylight
  • Close-up of the bride spraying perfume on her neck or wrist

Remember that details are important. You don’t need to capture the face of the couple every time.

Use Props

The photographers can create props or use anything from the surrounding as a prop. You can even use the sun as your prop. Fun items like eyewear, umbrellas, and even cars can be used as props.

Above all, make sure to prepare a wedding shoot contract including date, names, data like address and numbers, wedding theme explained by the couple in a letter format, details of digital and print copies, and copyright details.

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