Art has always been influenced by the time phase its going through and every art has a story behind it. Art gives meaning, direction, dimension, and passion to life....

Art has always been influenced by the time phase its going through and every art has a story behind it. Art gives meaning, direction, dimension, and passion to life.

DIMENSIONLESS STUDIOS is one such platform that brings an entire range of art at its disposal, with an effort to create a positive aura about it. The art developed here is not general but specific to its own. No two pieces is alike, and each has its own character and aura. People looking for something specific, more personalized, and more of themselves can buy art prints online. People who like to flaunt their collection whether in their house interior or on their wearables are never disappointed. Each piece is customized, long-lasting, and beautiful with a positive aura.

DIMENSIONLESS STUDIOS have in their kitty various forms of art for in different medium,

  • Paintings for room décor
  • Wall art/ Murals
  • Hand painted T-Shirts
  • Tattoos
  • Crystals

The paintings are done in different and innovative medium and people get varities when they buy art online. Some of them are –

  • Coffee Painting – painting with coffee/tea goes back to centuries but has gained prominence in the last few years. The intoxicating aroma of coffee, its colour, various shades, and the short time span to mix and finish the painting within the limited colour spectrum that coffee offers has enticed todays artist. The challenge of coffee painting with coffee has made it more beautiful and brought forth many eye treating samples.
  • Oil painting – have been among the favourites and has adorned walls of many houses from ages. Customers can buy in various forms depicting sceneries, portraits of human and animals. Most of the stories of great kings and rulers were depicted in these paintings and are great treasures and source of great stories. A good painting can also improve the aura and energies of the house. Although expensive, people today do not hesitate to invest and boast about it.
  • Charcoal Painting – It is a very interesting medium of dry painting. The painting is done by charcoal which comes in thin to thick strokes. The method has several steps and strokes that needs to be blended well to make it significant.
  • Pencil sketches – pencil is the beginning tool of an artist and offers a good variety and challenge of an artist. The pencil also offers great sketching techniques from bold lines to smudge effect and has the prowess to attract quite an attention.
  • Acrylic paintings – like oil painting, They are also done on canvas or wood and offers many shades and tints of colour, giving the artist a chance to play with different shades to bring out the character of the painting.
  • Tattoos – tattoos have been since ages, but now people have developed and interest to get tattoos done for many reasons – to exhibit their love for partners, children and to show their spiritual sides. Tattoos are believed to instil positive and calmness in people. DIMENSIONLESS STUDIO brings out great tattoos in the best and latest scientific manner and offer complete care solutions from procurement to advancement.
  • Crystals – there are different types of crystals available, and the right crystal could do great changes in one’s personality. People often suffer from minor ailments that are not so significant but impairs a person to explore its merits. Use of crystals in the form of lockets, bands can do wonders to one’s personality and bring out the true beauty and happiness in a person. DIMENSIONLESS STUDIO educates its customers about crystals and the power of crystals and encourages them to apply and elevate and strengthen their energies.
  • Hand Painted T-shirts – There is nothing more alluring than wearing your thoughts and ideas. DIMENSIONLESS STUDIOS paint the designs one desires on their T-shirts, helping them flaunt their views and ideas. Once worn out these, T-shirts can easily adorn the walls of their house in form of wall posters. So, the motto is let your idea not go wasted first the buyers flaunts it and then their walls flaunt it.

Hand painted tees are very much in demand. The dimensionless studio sells customized hand-painted T-shirts that are extremely catchy and innovative. They are extremely wearable without any chance of getting faded with wash. It can sustain many washes without losing its charm.

Dimensionless studio also conducts workshop for people who want to paint their t-shirts. As it is a very good option for gifts for the dear and near ones. The receiver immediately feels overwhelmed by the design and effort. A buyer can easily get a customized T-shirts by ordering before hands.

There are several designs one can choose from- geometrical, spiritual, celebrities, famous characters, or cartoon characters. The best part is each design is unique and makes the wearer feel special. Its like wear your own style and design.

These T-shirts can also be used to denote a group or firm with identical prints. Sometimes people want to sport identical design to denote their friendship with a common logo and sport it when they are hang-out for a get-together. These t-shirts can easily be purchased online. The process is very simple. One has to just select the design order and receive within the allotted time.

These hand painted t- shirts have multiple uses also. First with some specific calming design, one can wear during meditation, which can help in bringing peace and positive aura for the wearer. Once the t-shirt is worn out the design can be cut and framed to adorn the wall of the room. It can also be used as bandana, or a shrug and many more innovative ways. In all the hand- painted tees are great art and a resourceful means to buy art prints online.

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