As a fresher, what is the scope of starting a career in Big data using Hadoop in India?

There is a huge scope of starting a career in Big Data in recent days. Today Big data Hadoop is leading everywhere. Big data Hadoop career opportunities are on the rise and there is a lack of skilled candidates available for Big data Hadoop. So, Companies are hunting for skilled candidates in large numbers.

As a fresher, it is required to work hard for starting a career in this domain but with good Big Data training from a reputed institute, it is not impossible to achieve it. Companies are hiring skilled freshers for Big Data irrespective of the experience. If one has the skill and is able to demonstrate the expertise by giving hands-on experience in projects then companies are open to hiring them in the big data domain.

But it is recommended to learn Big Data Hadoop in depth. If one has the sound knowledge of the subject, then this will give a stronger hand when compared to other candidates. In order to have this expertise then taking up a Big Data course from a reputed institute may be the right step. The working professionals who look for a career change can take up Big data online courses and upgrade their skill and switch their career into the big data domain and become Big data analysts.

For learning Big data Hadoop, one has to always start with the basics such as what is big data and then go ahead with Hadoop. In Hadoop, it is required to learn about its architecture and then dive deep in MapReduce, HDFS, and Yarn after and go ahead with its ecosystem.

Prior learning Hadoop, some hands-on experience in Java and SQL is preferred as it would be helpful and easier to learn Hadoop infrastructure. The only requirement to start a career in Hadoop is that one must have a passion for Big data and Hadoop.

Once stepped into Hadoop then one can have multiple choices to work on such as HDFS, Hive and many more. Hadoop framework comes with a complete package of tools on which people can work on the tools of their choice and interest. Hadoop framework is built on Java and a fresher who has a knowledge of Java can survive easily in the field of Big Data.

Make sure to check out the big data courses of IIHT, the course delivers all the pre-requisites that are required to learn Big Data and Hadoop.

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