Asbestos Can Kill You: Why You Shouldn't Ignore It And Why You Should Act ASAP

Asbestos is a natural mineral found in soil and rocks. This substance is popular among manufacturers for its flexibility and resistance to heat or chemicals, making it a vital ingredient in a wide array of products including vinyl tiles and cement.
However, this material is also known for its toxicity. As it is a hazardous substance, more and more people have become interested in environmental services like asbestos removal Nottingham.
How Can You Be Exposed to Asbestos
Inhaling asbestos fiber present in the air is the most common way of exposure to this toxic material. You can inhale it when:
* Asbestos is being mined and processed
* A product with asbestos is manufactured
* A product with asbestos begins to break down and undergo the wear-and-tear process
But apart from inhaling, asbestos can also be swallowed if a food or a liquid you’re about to take is contaminated by it. Water can contain this hazardous substance if it came in contact with, for example, an asbestos-containing cement pipe.
Asbestos Exposure: Factors Determining Your Risk of Developing A Disease
People exposed to asbestos are prone to developing different diseases. But before discussing these health problems, here are some factors that affect the risk of having asbestos-related illnesses:
Period of exposure. The longer you’ve been exposed, the higher the risk is for you. If you want to prevent exposure, it’s wiser to invest in services like asbestos removal Nottingham.
Amount of asbestos you’ve been exposed to. Though there’s no "safe level" of asbestos exposure, the more amount of asbestos fiber getting inside your body, the higher the risk is for your health.
Existing lung or breathing problems. If you already have lung or respiratory problems before being exposed to this harmful substance, you will be more prone to developing other diseases.
Lifestyle. If you’re into smoking, the probability of having an asbestos-caused condition will also be higher.
Diseases Related to Asbestos
Environmental services such as asbestos removal Leicester have become more in-demand after experts have released findings about how the dangerous material can cause or trigger other diseases. Here are some of the illnesses related to it:
Asbestosis. If you’ve been heavily exposed to asbestos, it will to asbestosis or scarring in your lungs. Symptoms include progressive shortness of breath and chest pain. If not addressed, this disease can be fatal.
Mesothelioma. This is a rare type of cancer that affects the lining around your lungs (called pleura). This is typically diagnosed after a long period (around 30 years) since the exposure occurred. Unfortunately speaking, major cases of this cancer are already fatal when diagnosed.
Lung Cancer. This is a malignant tumor that affects your lungs’ air passages. If you’re also a smoker, the risk of developing this cancer is high.
Pleural Thickening. Though non-cancerous unlike mesothelioma, this condition also affects the pleura or membrane around your lungs. Heavy asbestos exposure can cause pleura to swell and thicken.
If you haven’t heard of asbestos removal Leicester before and you think you’ve been exposed to asbestos, it is recommended for you to consult a medical expert immediately.
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