Australia: A Fabulous Destination Down Under!

Time and again, Australia has fascinated us deeply. It is a country with population equal to one or two of our states, but their resilience is outstanding. The feats achieved are remarkable and make us respect the Australians. The country has transformed itself from what it was under the British rule and the transformation is drool worthy.

Lately, a number of people are immigrating to Australia. Statistically, in the year 2014-2015 alone around 200,000 people moved to Australia. Reasons were varied and some of them are:

a. Family reunification
b. Higher studies
c. Job transfers
d. New job opportunities.

Some people move just because they are in awe of the place and the idea to live and work there excites them. Whatever the reason be, it turns out to be a land of new hope and is seen with a promise of prosperity.

But immigrating to Australia is no piece of cake. Though the paper work is less, but other formalities make the task a formidable one. The process is complex and requires complete understanding and meticulous form filling. A simple error could turn out to be a full stop in your dreamy story. Australia Immigration Services provide a variety of visas to
suit the need. Some of them are:

a. Spouse or partner visa (subclass 309 and subclass 100)
b. Child visa (subclass 101)
c. Business visa
d. Study visa
e. Skilled migration visa

and many more. They may be temporary in nature or long term. Spouse or partner visa allows you to work in live in Australia for two years initially and if the eligibility criteria are met, candidates could apply for permanent residence. An entrepreneur visa is also introduced to attract brightest of the entrepreneurial talent from across the world. With sufficient funds behind and a great idea to work upon, it could be a life changing opportunity and the candidate could progress for permanent residence after four years.

The education system is world class with over 1200 institutes to choose from matching your interests. The students with Doctoral or Masters degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics from one of the institutes could ease your process of permanent residence.

Skill Select is a relatively new initiative aimed at filling the gap. It is a points based system and points are awarded for various categories like degree of education, age, past work experience and such things. With the help of Skill Select initiative, the processing time is reduced greatly. Candidates skilled in the occupations listed in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) could apply under this scheme and avail the benefits.

Australian Immigration Services are under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. To overcome the hurdles in the process, it is only intelligent to hire professionals who could guide you and help minimize the errors. One may end up saving money if the firm selected is experienced and genuine.

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