Adam Tech Manufactures a broad range of Interconnect Components, Cable Assemblies and Custom Solutions. They supply these parts in Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.
  • Significance of Custom Cable Assemblies in Healthcare

    Custom cable assemblies are the most widely used wiring options in healthcare and medical industry. These assemblies can handle the complex applications of the medical devices. Compared to other electronic devices and machinery, the wiring needs in the medical industry are much sensitive. Custom cable assemblies are used to handle operations related...
  • Industrial Uses of Connectors And Custom Cable Assemblies

    Custom cable assemblies and Connectors like PCB, harsh environment, waterproof, pogo pin, etc are the driving forces behind manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment. Most of the manufacturing industries like automotive, electrical and electronics, entertainment, computers, television, aerospace, medical, etc. need custom cable assemblies, PCB connectors, harsh environment connectors, pogo pin connectors on a...
  • Improve connectivity with the help of Pogo Pins

    The increasing requirement of quality interconnects for various types of electronic applications has been successfully fulfilled by spring loaded connectors. The robustness of spring-loaded connectors makes them useful even in working conditions where vibrations are involved. The spring-loaded connectors or pogo pins provide a precise and highly reliable interconnect solution for...