Living alone for an elderly person is not viable. What you need is an Elder Care Services or a great Nursing Services to ensure their safety. Looking for Lab Test, Physiotherapy at home, Equipment Rental or Doctor Consultation? When you choosing Elder Care Services to make sure they are providing those so you can have ease taking care of your family.
  • How to deal with resistance while caring for the elderly

    If your loved one is in need of supervision or care, he or she is likely dealing with loss — mental loss, physical loss, the loss of a spouse or the loss of freedom. Receiving help can mean abandoning privacy and accommodating to new daily life. As a consequence,...
  • Malnutrition May Be Hiding in Plain Sight

    There are several misconceptions regarding malnutrition. For example, the idea that a person who is overweight cannot possibly be malnourished. Around the world, a huge number of people believe that living in developed countries like the U.S, U.K, Canada e.t.c have enough food to avoid this problem or condition....
  • What Can You Do if Your Loved One Won’t Let Elder Care Providers In?

    It’s not a simple task to determine when your loved one requires any assistance from you or from a provider of home health care services in Kolkata. Your special one might be not even want to discuss regarding that subject. However, somehow, if you have managed to finally take...