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If you’re a police officer, firefighter, or some other kind of emergency professional, it goes without saying that your vehicle’s emergency and hazard lights are an important and necessary...

If you’re a police officer, firefighter, or some other kind of emergency professional, it goes without saying that your vehicle’s emergency and hazard lights are an important and necessary part of your equipment. When you’re working a dangerous scene it’s absolutely imperative that your lights are 100% reliable, working, and provide the highest visibility as possible to ensure you can be seen by passers by as well as alerting everyone to the potential dangers on the road. But just because you aren’t a first responder, doesn’t mean you should expect anything less than that same quality and dependability when it comes to your vehicle’s lights. Off-roaders, security professionals, and anyone else with a need for the brightest, most rugged lighting around should have a go-to outlet for all their needs, and for that you have Ultra Bright Lightz! At Ultra Bright Lightz, we make it a point to only provide products that live up to that level of excellence for all of our customers.

For any of you 4×4 fiends out there, we have a huge range of options for lighting options for your mud loving off-road machine. Anyone who’s taken their truck through some serious terrain after daylight knows that seeing every bump and divot in the road in front of you is key to keeping all four of those big wheels on the ground. So, a super bright light bar up top is one of the first and most essential additions to any serious off-road rig. It is no surprise, then, that the UBL 72W 13.5” Off-Road/Scene Light has been one of our online store’s top selling items, being the perfect solution for anyone seeking a tough light bar. Featuring 24 3-watt LEDs putting out an impressive 7200 lumens, this weather and shockproof light is built to stand up to anything the outdoors can throw at it, and comes with a 5 year warranty to boot. Add to that the staggeringly low price of just $79.99, and you have yourself a deal that you’d be crazy to pass up! Mounting one of these babies to your truck will ensure that grinding your bumper up against stumps and boulders will be a thing of the past.

Another incredibly bright, top notch vehicle light that our customers just can’t seem to get enough of is the Cannon LED Hide-A-Way by Feniex. This self-contained unit is one of, if not the, very brightest hide-a-away type light available on the market anywhere and is the perfect option for tow truck drivers, emergency workers, or anyone else who needs to stay visible on the road. Exceptionally luminous for its small size, this Led Emergency Light makes use of 12 4-watt LEDs and offers an impressive range of options for use. Not only does it come in various colors, this feature-packed little light comes packaged with 3 activation modes and 15 different flashing patterns – not to mention, the Cannon can be used in sync with other hide-a-ways to light up your vehicle in an endless variety of customizable schemes and patterns.

When it comes to projecting authority and catching the eyes of fellow motorists in the event of an emergency, there’s nothing more important than high-visibility, high quality vehicle lighting to make sure you are protected and able to respond as quickly as possible. So whether you’ve noticed your dashboard flashers are getting a little dull, or that light bar on top of your pickup has a dead bulb or two, have a stop by the #1 retailer for LED emergency lights on the internet, UltraBrightLightz.com – you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for!

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