Avoid School Failure Through A Good Academic Orientation

Do you feel unmotivated in your studies? This is how academic guidance can help you succeed in your career and in your professional future.

  • Most educational institutions have an orientation structure for students.
  • If you think you've made a career mistake, share your concerns and seek professional advice.
  • In addition to avoiding failure, career guidance offers other benefits for students.

The main error when we think about academic guidance is to believe that it consists only in scheduling studies, but the truth is that the counselors are trained professionals not only in training councils, but also therapeutic ones.

Academic guidance is especially useful for frustrated students who struggle to keep up with the class or do not find the necessary motivation. On many occasions, students do not dare to ask for help out of embarrassment without knowing that other students are in the same situation.

In college, it is more common than you think to choose a career that is not to your liking. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know until you have started the course. Sometimes you realize that you hate what you are studying when you are already in the middle of the race. What are you doing in that situation? Should you change careers? Is it immature to leave it because it was not exactly what you expected?

The wrong career

If you realize that it is difficult for you to feel motivated with your career, it is important that you do not keep it for yourself. Isolating the problem will only make your demotivation worse and the chances of you failing in school.

Think that maybe you just need someone to let you know another point of view that will help you to be more positive in the face of your professional future. In these cases, academic guidance is essential.

The universities do not want their students to leave the race, among other things, because it does not look good in the statistics. Most institutions have a support structure to guide students. You may even have already assigned a tutor or counselor with whom you can talk if you have a problem.

If you do not have it, surely there will be someone with whom you can discuss your frustrations, even if it is a teacher with whom you have more confidence. Remember that the fundamental thing is to share it with someone.

You may think that you do not need these services because your problem is not serious enough or because they do not care what you tell them. Although we cannot guarantee that you will solve all your dilemmas, the counselors are trained to understand your situation and propose the best advice.

90% of the time they will be close and comprehensive and will guide you, step by step, to achieve your academic and professional goals. In addition, they should be able to help you with financial advice, tuition fees and scholarships.

Other ways to avoid failure

Academic counselors can introduce you to important people in the university environment. For example, they will provide you with contacts to deal with specific topics, admission processes or studies abroad .

They can also give you advice based on the experience of students from other years. They have advised so many students that they will know recommendations to be successful with the different teachers. In addition, they can let you know offers of scholarships unknown to most students but that adapt perfectly to your profile.

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