Basic Things to Know Before Starting Mobile Phone Repairing Business

Mobile phone repairing business is growing in the same speed as the Smartphone market. With more and more people now using smart phones, the mobile phone repair business is bound to grow. People who want a deep understanding on mobile phone repairing from the business point of view, it is necessary for them to know a few of the basic theories and also do some practical training.

The Basics of Mobile Phone Repairing

  • A proper knowledge of how to assemble and disassemble different types of mobile phones should be known.
  • A good knowledge of different parts of mobile phone and their functions is a must.
  • Using a Multimeter needs to be learned and practiced.

An Understanding Of The Hardware Of A Mobile Phone

  • A person should have a proper understanding of the Circuit Board/ Logic Board / Motherboard.
  • The person should be able to check faulty parts and the process to replace them properly.
  • The person should know the tactic of finding out faults and troubleshooting them.
  • The person should also be well versed with the technique of repairing different hardware problems.

An Understanding Of The Software Of Mobile Phone

Today mobile phones are mostly smart phones, so it is required to have knowledge of the softwares and the operating system of the smart phones only. The person can also start a business on a particular type of operating system of the smart phones. Like iPhone repair centre, Blackberry repair centre, Windows repair centre etc.

  • The person should have a proper understanding of Smartphone operating system including Android, iOS, Blackberry AND Windows.
  • The person should know the types of software faults.
  • The person should have knowledge on the process of upgrading operating system.
  • He should know how to unlock handsets through codes and software.

The Tools Used To Repair Mobile Phones

It is necessary to have the right kind of tools and tool kit, before you start your repairing business. Modern mobile phones are very sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge; therefore it is necessary to have the correct and ESD-Safe tools. Listed below are some of the must-have tools that are needed to repair a particular brand or any model of mobile phone:

  • An opening tool is required to open safely mobile phones without damaging or scratching the glass, case or the internal components.
  • A work table with layer of ESD- Safe mat is needed that is properly rooted. Without a proper grounding, ESD-Safe mat is of no use.
  • T4, T5 and T6 precision screwdriver is required. For most of the repairing jobs these three basic screwdrivers is sufficient.
  • A suction cup is required which is used to remove glass panel of a mobile phone.
  • A SIM card eject tool is needed to safely remove the SIM card from iPhones.
  • ESD-Safe Tweezers are required for safely picking up and handling the small screws and other small components.
  • A soldering Iron or soldering station is required for fixing up the broken circuits in the mobile phone.

It is not easy to start a mobile phone repair business all by taking inspiration from the online videos. A person needs to have hands on training before opening the business. In this article we have mentioned the areas in which you should have training and the things you need to know.

The author has been in the mobile phone repair business for a decade now. He is a tech savvy and a blogger and likes sharing some of his iphone repair tricks.

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