Battery case for iPhone 7 supports 3.5mm headphones

With the iPhone 7 on sale, more and more peripheral accessories have emerged. As we all know, and the biggest difference from Apple's previous mobile phone is that Apple iPhone 7 series phone canceled the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, the user needs to equip with 3.5mm - Lightning adapter to use the original headset, this will take the only one interface. If charging and listening to songs needs to be carried out at the same time, the problem is coming.

Although the Bluetooth headset configuration to solve the user problem, but for the habit of using the traditional headset users, it is undoubtedly a worry, not to mention, standard version of the Bluetooth headset is not low price. And Baseus new Encase 7 HD clip charging battery case is a good choice. The biggest highlight of this mobile power is built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, by which you can directly through the back clip battery case itself to achieve conversion, free to imagine HiFi quality, enjoy the original music. This for the users who get used to traditional jackets, it is simply welfare.

Even more exciting is that compared with the traditional folder, on most of the battery cover cases on the market there is a bottleneck, that is power capacity can’t meet needs of phone. In the face of such as iPhone 7 Plus series of large-capacity mobile phone, a lot of protective battery case possible even a charge not able to be satisfied, and Baseus Encase 7 HD for the iPhone 7 configuration up to 7000 mAh, increase 240% of the capacity, you can charge 2.4 times; for the iPhone 7 Plus configuration 10000 mAh capacity, increase 220% to charge 2.2 times, fully able to meet the needs of the iPhone 7 system. And the use of intelligent fast charge technology, self-charging efficiency of more than 90%, 2A smart fast charge, charging speed increased by 1 times, saving 50% of the time.

Many users worry that such a large capacity will looks too cumbersome. It is learned that this new Baseus Encase 7 HD battery case belongs to 10000mAh Apple Charger ultra-thin models, arc corner design, bare metal-like grip, can be described as large Capacity inside the "thin" type. In addition, this back clip battery with butterfly fan-shaped buckle design, tight fit the edge of the phone. Comes with stealth bracket design, it is a rare charge experts.

Since the iPhone mobile phone landing in China, it has been highly sought after. Every time for the iPhone's every move, it can always cause hot riot in market. Looking at the current market mobile phone brands have to admit, both from the design and operational performance, iPhone almost represents the industry's highest standards. However, even if perfect thing exist a trace of regret, that is, the battery spent too fast. Many manufacturers spotted the iPhone peripheral business opportunities, so, by the iPhone-driven peripheral market are also growing. In order to solve the problem of iPhone battery consumption too fast, integrated protective case with power charging ability for iPhone 7 battery case turned out with unprecedented competition.

The biggest feature of the clip battery is thin. Close to the same thickness of the phone, for those who worry about carrying a large brick charge treasure to solve the worries; secondly, out of line system, easy to accept finishing. In other words, in the case of no need for data lines, you can achieve free charging, plug and play; finally, so slim design and the same as the phone shell, the phone played a protective role. After continuous research and testing, Baseus new style Encase EC series available. In addition to adhering to the usual thin and light, plug and play, without the characteristics of the data line, but also demolition, battery life and the protection of the phone to do their homework.

For the iPhone 7/7 plus, this protective battery case has 2800mAh, 5650mAh two capacity section, for 6P / 6S P / 7P optional 3800mAh, 8000mAh two capacity section; which, small capacity can fully meet the phone one charge needs, Its lightweight and portable advantages, in particular, to meet the mobile phone’s power demand in processing; innovative large-capacity launch, easy to meet the needs of consumers on the phone multiple charges. In terms of speed it is not inferior. The battery input for the 5V 2A, the output of 5V 1.5A, whether it is to charge the phone or back cover battery case itself for charge, within two hours it can be fully filled. You can imagine with a cup of coffee dating or a meeting time, let your energy recovered.

The focus is the advantages on the battery demolition. As we all know, in current market, for most mobile phone battery cases, because the ability of bearing pressure on lightning mouth is small, after several separate demolition, often it will cause the Lightning mouth damaged, the port is easy to sack. It is just taken into account of this point, after repeated testing, Baseus EC series on material carefully made decision to the frame with a soft TPU material design, easy to achieve the separation of mobile phones and batteries to reduce the impact on Lightning during the demolition process. The entire phone is made of high quality materials, PVC film, and soft scratch resistance flame retardant.

The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 is engineered specifically for iPhone 7 to extend the working time of your device and give protection to your phone. 2500mAh Plaid Backpack External Battery Phone Case Rechargeable Charger Cover for IPhone 7 is on sale at Cell Phone Age.

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