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Cisco technology has made our lives comfortable. Its technology is implemented in the large number of places. The IT professionals learn its technology. Cisco is engaged in enhancing its technology frequently. Its certifications let you verify your skills relevant to the latest technology. The 300-135exam has only 15 to 25 quizzes. The candidates have to solve these questions in two hours. The exam is taken only in the English language at the moment.

The candidates will have to answer 5% quizzes on the network principles. This category covers several topics. For instant, how to use Cisco IOS troubleshooting tools; and how to implement troubleshooting methodologies. Both topics can be divided into sub-topics.

Layer 2 technologies occupies 40% quizzes on the 300-135 exam. You will have to answer the quizzes relevant to troubleshoot switch administration. Another key topic is how to troubleshoot layer 2 protocols. How to troubleshoot Ether Channels is also part of this exam. You should be able to solve the quizzes relevant to how to troubleshoot spanning free.

Layer 3 technologies has 40 percent questions on this exam. How to troubleshoot IPv4 addressingis one of the topics for this unit. You should be able to answer the questions on troubleshooting IPv6 addressing as well as subnetting. Moreover, there must be quizzes related to RIPv2, EIGRP stubs, OSPF for IPv6, and vice versa.

The next unit for the 300-135 exam is VPN technologies. It has 5% quizzes on the exam. You will be solving questions on how to troubleshoot GRE for this category. You receive 5% questions relevant to infrastructure security. It has sub-topics. Troubleshoot IOS AAA, and troubleshoot router security characteristics are a few examples.

The last chapter is infrastructure services with 5 percent quizzes. Like all other categories, it too has sub-topics. How to troubleshoot SNMP, IPv6 DHCP, SLA architecture and a few more.

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