Best Affordable Macular Degeneration Treatment in India

Macular degeneration is also termed as AMD/ARMD i.e. Age-related Macular Degeneration. As the name reflects, AMD is an age-related process, usually surfacing after 50 years of age. The major cause for AMD is ageing process, but genetics and smoking also contribute as factors. Macular degeneration is gradual worsening of vision of eyes with age. This not necessarily results in total loss of vision though, but creates problems on daily basis for patients. It becomes hard to recognize faces, drive, and perform other daily activities.

Macular degeneration occurs, when the macula of our eyes gets damaged. Macula is a yellow coloured pigmented area near the centre of retina. The major role of macula is to capture miniature and peculiar details like putting thread in a needle, reading petite writing, focusing on street signals or anything that requires accurate focus on details.

AMD progresses in three stages, which can be put as early stage, intermediate stage and later stage. The early stage is not usually characterized by vision loss. In intermediate stage, there is a little vision loss, making it necessary for a thorough check up. While in later stage, there is a considerable vision loss. It is this later stage that is basically divided into two types, dry AMD and wet AMD. Dry AMD is most common and is caused due to a deposition called drusen, but it is not as severe as wet AMD. Proper detection and macular degeneration cure come into picture in later stage, as early and intermediate stages lack lot of symptoms.

Apart from age and smoking, major factors that exaggerate the problem of macular degeneration are hypertension or high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, obesity, huge fat intake, massive exposure to sunlight and sometimes genetics.

Macular degeneration cure can be pretty much managed and the onset of the disorder can be delayed. A good diet coupled with exercise definitely works as a good prevention technique. However, the damage or the already lost vision (if not timely addressed) can never be restored. For the detection, there are comprehensive tests for macular that include visual acuity tests, fluorescein angiogram, amsler grid, Snellen chart, optical coherence tomography, etc. are prominent.

A lot of opticians and ophthalmologists also focus on strengthening the choroid as one among many processes, for macular degeneration cure in India. Choroid is the part that contains the connective tissue between retina and sclera and provides nourishment and oxygen to retina. So, the improvement in choroid can in turn bring a lot of improvement in central vision of eye. Process for curing, differs for both dry AMD and wet AMD, but eventually helps and stops further damage of the macula. Wet AMD needs greater attention as degeneration in this case is very rapid, say in days, if left unattended. A healthy and disciplined lifestyle however, when adopted at a very early age can keep macula in a very healthy and increase its longevity.

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