Best restaurant near Koramangala, Bangalore

Pin me down, one of the best hangout space in Koramangala, diverted from the casual Indian concept and brought in a Countryside Cowboy Hollywood concept, which not only brings in more life but allows diners to relax and enjoy authentic food. To up the quotient they regularly arrange and include entertainment programs, like a musical concert, stand-up comedy and many more. They bring in more zest with their screen show of live sports like football, during the specific seasons like the world cup. Mixing food with live sports on bring screen just brings great joy among the boys.

People usually enjoy sports more together than alone sitting at home. It invites friends to eat as well as enjoy sports together with zest. There is no restriction however for the noise and the time spent on the table. There are different zones, for people to select and join to enjoy yummy cuisine with a high voltage entertainment. It happens to become a great place to the club.

The ambiance

The interiors of Pin me down, one of the best Restaurant near Koramangala, is very woody, casual as well as very dramatic. There is a lot of creativity displayed in a subtle manner to develop a casual and playful mood for the diners. The walls have been given a brick feel adorned with paintings of music instruments, like guitar, drums etc. and real cowboy hats.

The food

The menu holds a good list of vegetarians, non-vegetarian dishes, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, street food, Indian and continental dishes at the best price. The price point is good and affordable, at Rs.600 approx. for two people, and the food is served with much enthusiasm and agility.


Pin me down, has a colossal leaning towards organizing parties and casual get-togethers. They take in birthday parties, team lunches, kitty parties and many small family functions and get-togethers. They have a special roof-top terrace for organizing parties which can easily hold 40-50 tables. They also believe that a family enjoyment is quite a different form a gusto get-together of youths, hence they have separate areas to dine, so both can enjoy and relax in their own coop.


Just like Pin me down, the top restaurant in Koramangala, are easily spotted on Just Dials, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has a tie-up with food portals like Zomato, Food panda, Swiggy, ED’s, CityShor and Uber eats. They also accept pre-booking for tables through these apps. They also believe that people should enjoy food at their restaurant, but do not shy away from delivering food to people who wish to enjoy at their respective places. Situated in the hub of food paradise- Koramangala, affording city view, with valet parking and outdoor seating, it has carved a niche place for itself.

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