Best Walking Tours in Lithuania

In recent years Lithuania has become one of the hottest destinations in Europe that is well known among locals and tourists as a land of contrasts. On one side, it is a modern European country with Unesco protected sites and beautiful landscapes, but on the other hand, Lithuania and its cities still need to fight against poverty and social inequality. So for everyone planning their vacation we have a top 4 walking tours in Lithuania which will help you to discover and see this country from different perspectives.

Vilnius Old Town tour

The capital Vilnius city is definitely the first place to visit while being in Lithuania. Vilnius Old Town in one of the Unesco world heritage sites. Its history starts around 1000 AD when a wooden castle was built on Gediminas Hill near Neris and Vilnia rivers. However, the settlement developed as a town only in the 13th century. Despite partial destruction during several succeeding centuries Vilnius has preserved many Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and classical buildings and travellers can come to these historical Vilnius spots. Vilnius with Locals Tours arrange daily free walking tours in the Old Town of Vilnius both in English and Spanish languages and share their knowledge about the most important highlights in the city.

Alternative Vilnius tour

If you are willing to see the modern side of the capital city of Lithuania, then you should join alternative Vilnius tour. Vilnius is popular not only for its historic centre, but also for peripheral areas where street artists demonstrate contemporary art and at the same time local people have routine in their daily lives. Alternative Vilnius free walking tours is a great option to meet Lithuanians and feet the rhythm as well as atmosphere of Vilnius city. This way you will get familiar with casual and not so glossy but modern side of Vilnius.

Trakai and Kernave tour

Not far away from Vilnius there are magic Trakai and Kernave towns. Both of them were capitals of Lithuania years ago. Today Trakai is a tourist attraction because of its island castle and Kernave is a protected archeological site with Lithuanian village landscapes around. Trakai and Kernave remind majestic past of the country but this walking tour is not only about Lithuania's history, it is also about the beauty of nature and enjoying time outside busy Vilnius city.

Aukstaitija National Park tour

Aukstaitija National Park tour is the last but not the least walking tour in Lithuania that everyone should join. Even though Lithuanian cities are growing, there are some places of untouched nature with forests, lakes, meadows and all the plant, bird, mammal species living here. For every nature lover we recommend taking a day tour from Vilnius to Aukstaitija National Park and sightseeing its surroundings. Walking in the woods and fields full of calmness will make you feel reborn.

All in all, we hope that the list of best walking tours in Lithuania will guide travellers through their stay here and will assist in discovering and seeing this Eastern Europe country from all sides: historical, casual, modern and wild. When you will get tired of noisy Vilnius city, just take a day trip to Lithuanian countryside or find peace of mind surrounded by wonderful nature.

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