Introduction and Overview

Quantifying the amount of digital information that exists in the world is hard. What is clear is that there is an awful lot of it, and it is growing at a terrific rate. Modern day businesses are not an exception; it accumulates an astonishing amount of digital data, which may be leveraged to unlock new sources of economic value or to provide fresh insights into business trends. The real challenge in this process is the design of computing, storage infrastructures and algorithms needed to handle this “big data” problem.Web being the largest collection of digital data, Internet companies have contributed several exceptional technologies to efficiently handle this issue.This course covers the concept of business analytics and big data technologies with its strategic importance to any organization. Participants will be introduced to the concept of business analytics with big data technologies: Hadoop, Hive and HBase. The course deals with basic principles, concepts, and techniques used for big data and business analytics, which includes Hadoop, HDFS & MapReduce, Apache HBase and Apache Hive. Participants will get good picture of all these concepts and how they all are interconnected to each other in organizational context.“Modern enterprises are drowning in data and starving information”
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