Business Analytics Foundation – BAF Course

What is Business Analytics Foundation – BAF and how will it help my organisation?

BAF is a one day flexible learning course that is offered in a self-paced format. The participants can begin taking the course anytime. BAF course will help acquire knowledge on how Business Analytics is used as one of the important aspects of Business to gain a competitive edge for the organization and get benefit out of it.

Business Analytics Foundation – BAF, a course by GSTF is now priced at USD 499 99.

GSTF courses are designed and developed to achieve competency over the course material and is offered both online and through in class room training. Check out our advanced eLearning courses, if you wish to go beyond Business Analytics Foundation as well as for other GSTF training and certification programs on Cloud Computing, Big Data, IOT as well as Machine Learning and AI.

Benefits for participants attending the Business Analytics Foundation Course:

  • Learn the processes and technologies to analyse Business Data.
  • Understand the basics of Data Architecture.
  • Receive an Introduction to Data Modelling.
  • Prepare the foundation to expand a career in Analytics.

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