Business Cards Shapes That Are Ruling The Branding World!

In its initial phase, business cards were regarded as one of the most effective tools of communication. The elite class had it as a status symbol, while the traders used it for their trading purposes. But in today's world, business cards have evolved their existence. From being a paper used for communication, to reviving itself as an effective marketing tool, business cards have experienced a lot of changes throughout its existence.

The major change which we observed in business cards was its ability to go versatile. Even today a lot of people go for the standard sized business cards, but the tool itself now offers a wide range of sizes, colors, formats, shapes and what not.

Unconventional Business Cards Shapes; What Happens When You Go Extra

Let’s be real, if I say the word ‘business card’ the instant visual that pops up in your mind is a standard sized, square shaped, dull-colored paper with not-so-interesting information. But things have changed people! Now we have madly creative business cards for people to please their eyes with.

The point is, it’s easier now to be creative even in the most traditional form of marketing because digitalization has extended their boundaries and minimized their restrictions. Which eventually has done wonders for professionals that need creativity on display.

Unique Business Card Shapes That Are Doing Wonders For Different Professions:

In older says, business cards were only restricted to professions like real estate market, lawyers, doctors and professions like that. But now that creativity is blooming in the business cards as well, artists, interior designers, and other professions that want to attract user in the first glimpse turn their business card into their cv-on-display.

Here’s how business cards’ shapes modified themselves with demand:

  • Leaf Shaped Business Card:

Leaf-shaped business cards aren’t only supposed to be made if you’re a gardenER or something, but instead people in the field of medicine and counseling opt for this shape as well. Maybe because of the soothing and calming impression it leaves on the customers, that makes it so demanding in fields that want to build the trust of their customers in the first visual meeting.

  • T-shirt Shaped Business Card:

Now, this is what I call a good use of space. Instead of making a boring and dustbin-worthy business card, the designer went super-creative and made this eye-catching business card that can be used so effectively.Not only does the design pours creative marketing but this t-shirt shaped business card can be used to put information on both of its sides.

  • Van Shape Business Card:

Again, a brilliant way to market your profession and also keep your business card worth the sight.


Things must be pretty clear until now, but even it’s not here’s a not-needed conclusion for you all.To be unconventional is the new cool, so why choose a traditional style for business card shapes when you tons of innovative choices in the market.

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