11 Tips For Student Drivers To Stay Safe While On The Road

Learning how to drive is considered as a rite of passage for many teenagers. Some are fortunate enough to have their parents teach them how to drive, but many...

Learning how to drive is considered as a rite of passage for many teenagers. Some are fortunate enough to have their parents teach them how to drive, but many others require professional driving lessons Oxted companies offer. To ensure that the fees you pay for your driving lessons Surrey is worth the money, remember the following tips:

1. Concentrate

Avoid distractions by turning off the radio, putting your mobile phone on silent, and concentrating. Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents, but can easily be avoided.

2. Never Text And Drive

Entertaining a text during a drive is dangerous. Keep your phone away and never check for messages while driving a car.

3. Do Not Eat And Drive

Another common cause of accidents is eating while driving. Even if you are the master of multitasking, having a drink or a snack in your hand while in control of a vehicle is a recipe for disaster.

4. Hands On The Wheel

New drivers tend to overestimate their ability to control their car. Never make the mistake of driving one-handed because it can take just a second to avoid a life-threatening accident and having both hands on the wheel will make maneuvering easier. Plus the driving lessons Oxted pros will give you a better grade if you follow this tip all the time.

5. Adjust The Mirrors Accordingly

Many driving lessons Surrey students forget to adjust the mirrors before backing out and heading down the road. Forgetting to do so will prevent you from having the best view of the road. Double check that all mirrors allow a complete back and side view of the car.

6. Adjust The Seat

The person who drove the car before you might be taller or shorter. Adjust the seat before driving on the road to ensure you are comfortable and you can easily reach the gas and brake pedals with minimum effort.

7. Seat Belt Check

You and your passengers should always wear a seatbelt. Never start driving until everyone is safely buckled in for the ride.

8. Don’t Attempt To Overtake

Overtaking might seem easy, but as a novice driver, this should never be attempted. In fact, even experienced drivers should overtake other vehicles with extra caution.

9. Stick To The Speed Limit

Don’t be overconfident on the road and drive over the speed limit. This won’t just earn you a citation, it might also cause a fatal accident.

10. Leave Space Between Cars

To ensure you and the car in front of you do not collide, leave ample space between both vehicles. Even if it feels a bit mad to stay a couple of feet behind a car during traffic, it is worth it to avoid potential collisions and accidents.

11. Practice

Nothing is better than to take the time to practice your driving skills in a safe area. Driving schools may have a track that you can practice on without disrupting anyone’s daily routine. Take advantage of the opportunity and hone your driving skills.

Slow and steady works when you are learning how to drive. Sooner or later you will master the skill and be ready to drive on the open road with ease.
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