13 Amazing Facts About Trains And Railways In The UK

For over 200 years now, the railways have been a part of the UK transport system and majority of today’s population relies on these tracks to travel from one...

For over 200 years now, the railways have been a part of the UK transport system and majority of today’s population relies on these tracks to travel from one place to another. Since they were first used back in the day there have been several new developments and fun facts that go along with them. Here are some interesting bits of information about the UK railways you can share with your friends today:

#1: Superstitions On Sundays

When railway travel was new, many people in the UK were very hesitant to try the trains. Protests were held to stop the Sunday services and by 1889 the “Anti-Sunday Travel Union” had over 8,000 members.

#2: Third Class Seating Was Horrible

While first and second class train travel was luxurious and relaxing, traveling in third class meant riding on one of the open-top wagons for goods while sitting on a wooden bench drilled with holes to function as a water drain during the rainy season.

#3: Exclusive Lavatories

Aside from traveling in luxury, people riding in first-class coaches were able to use a bathroom on the train starting 1873.

#4: Busiest Railway In Europe

Today, the UK railway is used by over 3.5 million passengers daily, making it the busiest in all of Europe.

#5: Safety First

UK railways prioritise safety above all else. Rails are fastened using the best hexagon nuts in the market to ensure they do not easily get dislodged. The turret nuts is a great example because it can withstand strong vibrations very well.

#6: The Hogwarts Express

The train used for the Harry Potter films is a real train that still runs in Scotland. The line passes through breathtaking sceneries like the highland valleys. Passengers do feel like they are on their way to Hogwarts.

#7: King’s Cross Station

Another railway Harry Potter fact; fans of the books and movies gather around the famous 9 and ¾ platform every 1st of September which causes quite a stir in the station and disrupts daily commuters.

#8: Origins Of The Word “Train”

The word can be traced back to the 14th Century and its original meaning was guile, deceit, trickery, or treachery.

#9: The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen was a steam locomotive that was built back in 1855 in Leeds and is still running on the tracks of India today.

#10: Strength And Durability

All UK railways use high-quality parts such as the hexagon nuts and bolts to ensure longevity, even when the tracks are used on a daily basis. The strength and durability of Turret nuts is a major factor in why it is popularly used by railways all over the UK.

#11: The Longest Tunnel

The Severn Tunnel is 7 km long and is considered as the longest railway tunnel in Britain. Walking through the tunnel will take up to two hours!

#12: London Remains The Centre

Over 70% of all train rides will start or end in London making London’s Waterloo the busiest station in the entire UK with over 100 million people passing through it every year.

#13: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Located in Anglesey, llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is considered, without a doubt the longest train station name in the UK. It is also the hardest to pronounce, give it try!
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