4 Things To Love About The Honda NSX 2017

Looking for a high-performing and versatile car but don’t want to break the bank? Talking to a used Honda car dealer could be one of the most appealing options...

Looking for a high-performing and versatile car but don’t want to break the bank? Talking to a used Honda car dealer could be one of the most appealing options for you. With their reliability advantages, Honda cars are often recommended to people who want to score good-as-new second-hand automobiles.

The Honda NSX 2017

Most used car dealers recommend the Honda NSX 2017. But before tackling why, let’s first discuss a brief history of the iconic car model.

Developed in the mid-80 and released in the early 90s, the original Honda NSX was the first-ever mass-produced car with a body that’s all-aluminum. The NSX, which stands for New Sports Experimental, was then intended to be at par (or even outperform) the Ferrari 328. Until it was produced in 2005, worldwide sales tallied up to over 18,000 units.

The second generation model retained the same moniker, only this time, it now stands for New Sports eXperience. Several reviews — and what any Honda NSX 2017 dealer would say — state that the new-gen NSX, particularly the 2017 model, is one of the best supercars the automotive industry has seen. The rebooted model offers the looks, the speed, and the comfort, representing and embodying what the Japanese automotive firm does best.

Perks of Owning a Honda NSX 2017

If you talk to any used Honda car dealer and you’re asking about getting a high-performing second-hand vehicle, it’s almost impossible to not hear them talking about the Honda NSX 2017.

Here are four ultimate reasons to love the talked-about car model:


The Honda NSX 2017 boasts of a 3.5-litre twin-turbo and three electric motors. The motors do the job of eliminating turbo lag, cornering balance, and of performing an all-wheel-drive acceleration. Its highest-recorded speed is at 308 kilometres per hour.

Safety System

Honda built the NSX 2017 using an incredibly strong structure. Its multi-space frame — which consists of aluminum extrusions, steel stampings, and ablation cast aluminum nodes — made the vehicle a leader when it comes to impact absorption. It also features a Vehicle Stability Assist system, which is especially beneficial if you don’t want to cause an accident due to unskillful driver inputs.

Fuel Economy

For a supercar, a Honda NSX dealer would be proud to say that the electric car model they’re selling is one of the best in terms of fuel economy. The leverage it offers comes in the form of its capacity to harness and deploy battery power by simply driving the car — you don’t have to charge it in order to make the most out of its being an electric car.

Easy and Comfortable to Drive

Apart from its speed, a used Honda car dealer recommends the NSX 2017 for its top-notch comfort. One wonderful feature of this supercar is its quietness; thanks to its Quiet mode option, you can reduce the volume of the twin-turbo. Its adaptive suspension also makes it a great road companion that can ride bumps impressively. Furthermore, it touts relatively large wing mirrors and a dependable rear screen that provides a great outward visibility.
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