China printing service development in 5 years

China printing service development in 5years

This is mainly based on U.S.and British major print journals published articles collate to United States and European the printing industries, described in five years after the printing company production environment what changes will occur.

Since the recent DRUPA exhibition, many manufacturers out of the station for CTP CTP output machines and used printing plates, after digitization project with the same plate, CTP has officially entered the popular recent period. This paper describes the content around CTP.

Five years after the plate with the film will disappear

Let’s look at the latest trends in CI-P. Indeed, CTP technology has been transferred from the third generation of the fourth generation, if the introduction CTP, technical barriers do not exist already.

In the United States, the last five years to sell good imagesetter (Imagesetter), since 2002, a sudden reduction in sales, industry analysts believe CTP technology popularization, the next five years to 10 years, lith film will disappear from the workflow .

According to a recent survey, in 2002 the economic situation is still weak, imagesetter sales has decreased by 35%, while the CTP platesetter (Platesetter) market grew by more than 40%, if not need film and plate offset printing company company, do not buy imagesetter and platesetter buy the overwhelming majority. If you must use film, as well as film and proofing sides available platesetters.

A start formal investment

According toState Street’s survey, more than 100 workers, as far as there is a printed version 4 or 8 presses with CTP a favorite plant, but now workers in the 50-100 CTP companies are most concerned about it. Currently, holds a printed version 8 presses 42% are planning to introduce CTP, these companies 1/3, in the near future to buy a platesetter.

Most printing companies have recognized the CTP technology is recognized. For medium and large-scale printing company. In order to remain competitive, can not live without CTP. With sales of CTP system further intensification of competition, the price will be reduced, but often is to take catalog printing and consumable equipment with the sale of policies.

Second, been automated workflow

Oregon Newsport commercial printing company Mutikraft Vice President spoke abandoned DT-R3100 imagesetter, the introduction of Platerite 800 thermal CTP result, production efficiency varies greatly, in principle, to achieve labor-saving film imposed job, press registration accuracy has increased, while the phenomenon of reduced dot gain, these are the result of the adoption of the CTP. This transition successfully, reducing the four workers. From the previous year after the introduction of digital proofing, only one day to complete the 100% CTP conversion, the device is in place, including color management, guidance personnel, including technicians and proofing presses invested adjustment has maintained smooth production.

Described above, CTP is a very mature technology, if we can introduce, as soon as it is introduced as well.

Three, IPEX show to see new products

IPEX exhibition in theUKlast CTP manufacturers saw many new products. Like Agfa Geveart exhibited Paradio, since January 2001 the sale of between six months after the sale of 150 units, for small and medium-scale printing company designed Paradio, is the use of a UV laser printed version of the platform 4 sides CTP devices. Paradio special attention to success lies in the small size, the version shown in addition to markets outside the thermal heat pretty. In 2002, to belong Paradio sales platesetter most of. About Agfa thermal type, except ExcalliberVLF, also published a printed eight faces Excalliber45. It belongs to 2400dpi, 1 days Do the ability to version 20, the Department of thermosensitive high output, using the latest GLV (Grating Light Valve) technology.

Creo company also exhibited one hour can output 16 edition of the Lotem 800 platesetter and 2540dpi1 output 39 hour high-speed version of the film imagesetter Doreve 800V4.

Fuji Photo Film Company’s new products are UV laser Luxel VX9600, which is standard hourly output 43 B1 version of the high-speed platesetter.

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