Detailed Study of India Women Ethnic Wear Market

Women Ethnic Wear Market Overview: Ethnic clothing is just one of the things that distinguish one part of India from the other. The traditional clothing of India has won...

Women Ethnic Wear Market Overview:

Ethnic clothing is just one of the things that distinguish one part of India from the other. The traditional clothing of India has won admirers from all walks of life to organizations such as UNESCO. The craftsmanship with which artisans create traditional dresses is truly incredible. All forms of clothing are quite laborious and require a lot of attention to detail. Many of these art forms die because the cost of production is higher and only a few people can afford the high cost of the dress. This forced the textile ministry to find ways to support these artisans and preserve their talent and art. The Indian states are geographically different from one another, resulting in various types of dresses and styles.

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Women Ethnic Wear Market Trends and Statistics:

The women’s segment currently accounts for an overwhelming 87% of the ethnic clothing market, with USD 10.26 Billion. It is the growth of this segment that will continue to stimulate the sector in general. The female starter segment alone is expected to grow at a steady 8% over the next decade. Due to the religious and cultural diversity of India, many opportunities are in the spotlight. These celebrations usually begin in early January, when Northern India celebrate Lohri, and culminate towards October-November with Dussehra and Diwali. On these festive occasions, consumers tend to buy ethnic clothes for personal use or to give them as gifts to their loved ones.

However, it is now accepted even among young consumers and students. The young college patrons are combining the Indian kurta with a pair of jeans or leggings representing a fusion of ethnic Western clothing. This has led brands to focus on offering ethnic fusion wear products, western styles and prints, in order to seize the opportunity. With an interesting knitwear, these brands have completely redefined ethnic clothing for young consumers. Women of all ages prefer the sub-category salwar kameez because it is associated with attributes of comfort, convenience and contemporary fashion. One of the main emerging trends is the gradual increase in the interest of women employees in multinational and other corporate organizations. Many brands have been able to imagine this opportunity and have made the appropriate changes to their respective product portfolios. Therefore, it is not surprising that in ethnic wear, should kurta and salwar kameez, accounting for 38% of women’s ethnic clothing market, growing at robust rates in the next decade.

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Key players In Women Ethnic Wear Market

Some of the famous brands for ethnic wear in India are Fabindia, W, BIBA Apparels Pvt. Ltd., SOCH Studio, Ritu Kumar, Chhabra 555, Satya Paul, Meena Bazaar, and Nalli.

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