Global Cold Pressed Juices Market is Driven By the Demand For Healthy Lifestyle

Global Cold Pressed Juices Market Overview: Cold pressed juices are gaining popularity around the world. They are prepared by pressing the juice of vegetables and fruits. These juices are...

Global Cold Pressed Juices Market Overview:

Cold pressed juices are gaining popularity around the world. They are prepared by pressing the juice of vegetables and fruits. These juices are not only safe to drink a few weeks after being packaged, they also contain large amounts of nutrients. When extracting juices pressed, a juicer is used under hydraulic pressure that squeezes fruits or vegetables. Once the juice is bottled and sealed, it is placed in a large chamber where strong pressure is exerted to inactivate the pathogens. This allows the juice to remain nutritious, tasty and safe to drink. The market analysis includes several key factors such as trends and current market dynamics, market factors and constraints, growth opportunities, competitive landscape, supply and demand. The report reveals key information on main market players, their commercial tactics, product portfolios and actions. The historical, current and projected market sizes are added to the recommendations for companies.

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Global Cold Pressed Juices Market Drivers and restraints:

A growing consumer base spending on lifestyle products, heightened sense of health awareness, maximum health benefits offered by these juices, rising disposable income of people, and an expanding population base are some of the key factors contributing towards the growth of the cold pressed juice market. The popularity of “clean” liquids, along with the obsession with thinness and adjustment, is fuelling the demand. Cold pressed juices are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The benefits of detoxification and beauty offered by these nutrients in cold pressed juices are also the driving forces of the market. Healthy and radiant skin is desired by the female population around the world. In addition, cold-pressed juices are available locally. The belief that organic fruit juices prevent the incidence of cancer, eliminate toxins and minimize the absorption of artificial food components will further stimulate the market expansion. Since these juices are organic and involve the high-pressure manufacturing process (HPP), they are more expensive than the usual juices. This can be a great challenge for the global market of cold pressed juices.

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Geographic Segmentation:

The global cold-pressed juice market is segmented in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and the rest of the world. North America dominates the cold pressed juice market and is expected to maintain its dominant position during the period as a result of population growth, strong demand from the healthy food sector and consumption. European cold-pressed juices are also experiencing strong demand during the period as a result of the trend towards healthier lifestyles and lower consumption of soft drinks. In addition, increasing consumer awareness of the functional properties of cold-pressed juices is driving the growth of the cold-pressed juice market in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the main players are investing in the new emerging regional market.

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Key Players In Global Cold Pressed Juices Market

Some of the major players in the global cold press juice market are PepsiCo Inc. (USA), Hain BluePrint, Inc. (USA), Suja Life, LLC (USA), Liquiteria Inc (New York), JustPressed (Canada), Organic Press Juice (Dubai), Evolution Fresh (United States) and Citrus Juicer (Canada).

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