How To Get Millions of Real YouTube Subscribers Within a VERY Short Time Frame

How to get Millions of Real YouTube Subscribers within a VERY Short Time Frame Getting subscribers for a new or struggling YouTube channel can be hard, – at least...

How to get Millions of Real YouTube Subscribers within a VERY Short Time Frame

Getting subscribers for a new or struggling YouTube channel can be hard, – at least to the uninitiated – not to talk of MILLIONS of Real HUMAN subscribers. Nevertheless, it is possible. And, if you’re one of the uninitiated, here’s your initiation (thank me later when you have as many subscribers as you’ve always wished for).

This is not fake subscriber or bot inflated subscriber count, but active subscribers waiting on your next content. Passionate subscribers leaving comment on your videos and sharing them with their friends, too.

And this don’t involve spending huge fortune to get them, as in the case of doing YouTube Ads through the Google AdWord platform, which is largely ineffective for getting subscribers (you can attest to this if you’ve tried it out for this purpose).

Here’s how you go about getting Millions of Real-human YouTube subscribers FAST:

Go where your starving crowd hangout. That might sound obvious isn’t it? That is, people that are already interested in your niche. If done well, this will fetch you as many subscribers as possible. But, how exactly do you go about this in the case of getting YouTube channel subscribers?

Simple. Head over to look for a YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers in the same very niche you are in. Agree an advertisement deal with them, that is; ask them to advertise your channel on theirs, and that’s all.

For instance, if your YouTube channel is about beauty tips: go to and look for any YouTube channel in the same beauty niche like yourself, which has more than a million subscribers or any other number you’re comfortable working with. Contact the channel owner to advertise your channel in his/her video as a recommendation to their channel subscribers.

What will happen is that: that channel owner will take a tip of yours, that is very valuable to its audience, credit your channel as the source in the video, then recommends your channel to his/her subscribers, if they want more tips like the one they just watched.

And if the channel recommending yours has a Million subscribers or more, that means the video recommending your channel will get more than One Million views in just a couple of days: meaning more than One million persons already interested in your niche will get to know about your channel ( this alone sends response rate through the roof). It’s that simple, and it works like magic. You will start seeing subscribers troop your way in droves once they hear about your channel from their trusted authority figure (the channel owner recommending yours to them ).

This method is very effective for two reasons:

1. Niche specificity: Going after a niche closely related or exactly similar to yours puts you in the driver’s seat. The odds are in your favor already and virtually all of that existing channel’s (the channel that will recommend yours) subscribers will be interested in what you have to say.

2. Authority approval: The mere fact that a channel owner recommends your channel to its subscribers means a lot to your own authority within the niche.

Those subscribers automatically see you as someone trustworthy, even without seeing your other videos, since their beloved guru already recommend you to them, and they can easily be converted to customers in case you have anything to sell to them that’s niche related.

You might think; “oh, they might leave the first channel”, no they won’t. Do not worry, they will love to hear tips from both of you and whoever has the best content will get the most attention.

Head over to and begin to stack up as many YouTube subscribers as you want within a very short time. Even Millions of subscribers or more depending your source channel or channels.

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