Learn How To Make Over 1 Million US Dollars Every Year Through YouTube

Learn how to make over 1 million US dollars every year through YouTube Here’s How: I’ve been an Internet Marketer for a few years now, and as I have found...

Learn how to make over 1 million US dollars every year through YouTube

Here’s How: I’ve been an Internet Marketer for a few years now, and as I have found great success in my work it is now my main job. To start with, I get products from ClickBank, or Amazon or any website at all that has an affiliate program or provides commission to its marketers.

Now, due to globalisation, all products are readily available and easy to find, and sellers are ready and willing to pay … the problem is, how do we sell these products?

The secret to selling, is one single word – ‘Targeted’. I can guarentee you, if you’re product is marketed towards a targeted audience you will make a 100% conversion. If not, you will lose valuable time and money, and fail to make sales. You will lose your sales motivation and begin to resent this method of making money, but the results are in the correct method of marketing.

As an example, if you were looking to sell a Jeep Car in Alaska, you’d struggle to find a willing buyer, and if you eventually did they wouldn’t be willing to pay much money at all as the demand for the product is not there. However, with intelligent targeted marketing, that very same Jeep would sell like hot cakes in Africa because the demand is there for that product.

Or say, you want to promote a slimming product to 100,000 website visitors, but you don’t know how many of these visitors the product actually applies to; meaning how many of these viewers actually wish to lose weight, there’s a distinct possibility you won’t make one single sale out of 100,000, because you may not be targeting the correct audience.

The crucial thing to remember is, YouTube viewers only view videos that interest them. So, by advertising on a video that relates very closely to your product, for example advertising your eyeliner brand on a video reviewing make up, you will be reaching 100% of the correct target audience for the product you are marketing, resulting in you making 100% conversions in your sales!

Now, lets move onto how to advertise in videos correctly Another secret to successful targeted marketing is that advertising through Youtube and Google Adwords is a waste of valuable time and money. Your adverts will end up being displayed on videos and sites that have no relation to your product, meaning you will not hit your desired sales target and your conversion will be 0%

The question now is, then how do you advertise?

The answer is : www.SponsoredShow.com

You look for a video show that suites your product, and contact the video maker to advertise on his or her video! Although the fees are a little high at times, the results from advertising this way is amazing, and worth every penny.

Personally, what I do every week is select one great, high demand product from Amazon, ClickBank or any other affiliate network. Then, I log onto SponsoredShow.com and look for a suitable video show to market my product to the correctly targeted audience. And there it is! Once the video that my advert gets shown on is released, my sales start increasing like crazy! Although I admit I have to invest a large sum of money at the beginning of the week to the
video maker, I always make at least ten times what I paid to begin with.

In total, I make around $20,000 minimum to $25,000 maximum per week using this method just ONCE a week with every different product I purchase, and in total I end up making over 1 million dollars a year.

You’re welcome!

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