Maintain battery of laptop

Don’t Run It Down to Empty: You most likely can’t rundown the battery, at any rate – at any rate not without setting off to a ton of inconvenience...

Don’t Run It Down to Empty:

You most likely can’t rundown the battery, at any rate – at any rate not without setting off to a ton of inconvenience to do as such. Most current PCs are intended to close down before the battery is vacant.In fact, Vista and Windows 7 come with a setting for just this purpose. To see it, click Start, type power, and select Power Options. Click any one of the Change plan settings links, then the Change advanced power settings link. In the resulting dialog box, scroll down to and expand the Battery option. Then expand Critical battery level. The setting will probably be about 5 percent, which is a good place to leave it.The advantages of leaving home with a fully-charged battery–you can use your PC longer without AC power–are worth the slight risk of doing damage.

Keep It Cool:

Heat breaks down the battery, and reduces its overall life.When you utilize your workstation, ensure the vents are unblocked. Never work with the workstation on pads or pads. In the event that conceivable, put it on a raised stand that takes into consideration a lot of wind current.Also, clean the vents every so often with a can of compressed air.In case you will work solely on AC control for possibly more than seven days, evacuate the battery first.Otherwise, you’ll be wearing out the battery–constantly charging and discharging it–at a time when you don’t need to use it at all. You’re also heating it up (see “Keep It Cool,” above).You don’t want it too empty when you take it out. An unused battery loses power over time, and you don’t want all the power to drain away, so remove it when it’s at least half-charged.

Never remove the battery while the computer is on, or even in standby or sleep mode; doing so will crash your system and possibly damage your hardware. Even inserting a battery into a running laptop can damage the system. So only remove or reinsert the battery when the laptop is completely off or hibernating.

Do not Refrigerate your battery.

Some people recommend you store it in the refrigerator, inside a plastic bag. While you should keep a battery cool, the last thing you want is a wet battery, and condensation is a real danger in the fridge. Instead, store it in a dry place at room temperature. A filing cabinet works fine.You don’t need the battery to go excessively long without exercise or let it void out completely. On the off chance that you abandon the battery for over two months, place it in the PC and use it for a couple of hours, at that point expel it once more.

Dim your screen.

Your laptop’s back light requires a lot of juice. Keep it as dim as you can comfortably read it.

Shut off unneeded hardware.

Turn off your Bluetooth, and if you’re not using the Internet, turn off your Wi-Fi receiver, as well. Don’t use an external mouse or other device. And muting the PC’s sound system not only saves power.

Avoid multitasking.

Run as few programs as you can get away with. If possible, stick to the one application (word processor, browser, or whatever) you’re currently using, plus your antivirus and firewall in the background.

Avoid multimedia.

Save chores like photo editing and watching old Daily Show videos for when you have AC power. And if you must listen to music, use your iPod (or similar device).

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