The Amazon Affiliate Program

Thanks to the Internet, you can start a business with a little amount of money. If you own a computer, an email address, skills to promote your business along...

Thanks to the Internet, you can start a business with a little amount of money. If you own a computer, an email address, skills to promote your business along with the willingness to do so, there is a big opportunity to generate income and build a good business. Owning an online business doesn’t always entail selling your own products online. Such a business model exists in the event you want to act as retailer or drop-shipper.

As a retailer, you need to actually own the products you are trying to sell; on the other hand, drop-shipping allows you to sell somebody else’s products but you handle how the product is distributed or delivered. Another popular business model is advertising, sometimes referred to as PPC (pay per click).

Intro To The Amazon Affiliate Program

 In a nutshell, Amazon affiliate means you are promoting certain products listed on Amazon on “your own” website. For best results it is recommended to design a professional looking website, and therefore you need to spend some money to get things started. The cost for building a website is as low as just a few dollars to get started, depending on what you are looking to create. As the website grows bigger and draws more traffic, it is easy to upgrade your website and provide your visitors with a better experience.

 As soon as your website is ready, you can immediately go to the Amazon Affiliate registration page and sign up for the program. Approval is quite easy as long as you provide all necessary data correctly; you may also need to fill up tax forms. Once approved, you get access to Amazon affiliate dashboard which provides options to search for products and view earning/performance summary.

Creating the Website

 The first step in building an Amazon Affiliate business is creating a website. As mentioned earlier, it is best to use a professional looking website,as this also helps in the approval process for the Amazon Affiliate program. Purchasing a website means you need to spend money on a domain name and hosting services; free blank templates are often included as a bonus.It’s very important to make your website attractive and easy to navigate for your visitors.

 Designing a website is not particularly difficult these days given the easy website building tools available. However, an easier way to do this is by hiring a freelancer.The top recommended website to hire a website designer from is Fiverr,you can find various services starting at a cost of just $5 dollars.You also need to promote the website and increase popularity, social media marketing freelancers are also available for hire on Fiverr.

You can find a talented designer who specializes in creating Amazon affiliate Websites

Earning Revenues

 The tools provided to you after being approved by Amazon,provides links to all sorts of products available on the website. Each product has a unique link that you can use and post that product on your website. The process is quite simple, as explained below:

  • A potential customer visits your website and clicks the affiliate link.
  • The person is redirected to the product page on Amazon.
  • Assuming the visitor actually purchases that product, you get a commission or percentage of the purchase price.
  • You can withdraw the revenue via check, gift card, or direct deposit when it meets the minimum withdrawal threshold set by Amazon.
  • Different product categories offer different amount of commissions.Some product categories offer as little as 1% commission, while others are quite higher up to 10%.      

The highest rate of commission is 10% from the purchase price, and it is provided from several categories under the Amazon Affiliate Program. However, the most rewarding categories are not necessarily the easiest considering the fact that you have probably thousands of competitors online. It is best to pick a niche that you like and are familiar with; this way you will find it easier to create meaningful content your visitors can relate to.

Now that you’ve been introduced to this wonderful and profitable affiliate program from the retail giants on the web,to get started just click Signup Now.

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