The Secrets Of Making Money Online From Advertising On Videos

The Secrets Of Making Money Online From Advertising On Videos Have you ever wondered how big companies get clients? Have you eve wondered how they manage to have such...

The Secrets Of Making Money Online From Advertising On Videos

Have you ever wondered how big companies get clients? Have you eve wondered how they manage to have such a huge conversion rate and within no time they have customers and likes to their websites and stores? Do you own and run a business and are wondering how you can compete with these large companies and even just get a share of the pie? Well worry no more.

What big companies are doing is very simple. They have understood that in order to capture their audience and clients attention they have realized that their customers are people who not only just read but want to see and hear.

That is why they have embraced the use of videos as an advertising platform.

Small businesses see that to advertise on video is a lot of work and it is complicated well not really. Think about it. What will it take to convince a perspective customer who has seen your production your website? Will it be numerous number of text that they will read or will it be images that you are using? Your customer want to feel that he or she is part of your business but how do you do that.

This can be done very easily by going to search for a Youtube channel by your niche, contact the channel owner, and ask him to recommend your product or services on his next video release or to make a small video ad advertising your product or services and display this short ad on his next video release, you can ask him to display it at the begining , midde or end of the video, of course you have to pay him a little fee
for doing that.

How much Youtuber may charge for putting your ad on their video?? well for that you need to check them at because each Youtube has his own rate, based on number of views his videos gets, but generally you will always be in a huge profit. use of video as an advertising platform. When you advertise using a video you not only capture your customers attention but you walk them through your products and even before purchasing they feel like they already know the product.

This is because your customers see and hear what you are saying and are keen to follow what is been said about the product.

Take a scenario where you are selling soap for example. You go around on other print medias and put an advert saying – The best soap money can buy. Well a handful of customers will get the message but do not get convinced about your product. Take the same soap put some very nice music,put a voice over and show how the soap is been used and what it can do over time.

Between the two you will have a lot of feedback from customers and the customers will relate to it very very well because they are able to see hear and call to action on your product. Advertising using video is more convincing as compared to other forms of advertising and the beautiful thing about it leaves a lasting impression in them.

As any person doing advertising a product one of the major goals is to have your product or service embedded into customers minds and what better way of doing that if not advertising on videos.

Advertising on videos is not by any chance just for the rich and big companies. What do you think it entails to shoot a video commercial.?Yes special cameras, very good actors, very good story line and you think you do not have all these. Well worry not. Advertising on video can be done in different methods. Remember the goal here is to engage,leave a lasting impression and demonstrate your product or service. Animation is one way of advertising
your company using video and it can be an explainer video or a whiteboard animation.

All you require is drawn images that explain your product, why your product is the best and the call to action which can be you leaving your number there.

Is this an expensive method?Actually not because all you did was just draw images that tell a story about your product.Another cheap and cost effective way to advertise on videos is through your mobile phone. Most if not all mobile phones come with cameras.You have all the tools necessary to take your product from just pictures and advertise them on videos.

What are you waiting for what that big company is doing by advertising on videos can also be done with small businesses. Time to act is now.

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