Agricultural Drones Market – Global Industry Trends and Forecast to 2022

Automation is killing jobs wherever it can, however it can. There is no field, no sector of any field that hasn’t yet been visited by the notorious job killer....

Automation is killing jobs wherever it can, however it can. There is no field, no sector of any field that hasn’t yet been visited by the notorious job killer. First, it was the software industry, then came manufacturing plants and now it has reached agriculture with its death touch. Agricultural drones are exactly what comes to mind, they are killing agriculture. More precisely they are killing mundane jobs related to agriculture like spraying and seeding. Earlier and even now in some backward parts of the world, people do these things, they walk along a farm planting seeds by hand and spraying fertilizer as and when needed for that also they need to closely monitor these crops regularly.

Unlike the conventional methods, the agricultural drones use an automated process to make farming more productive as they provide a more flexible and complete visualization. With the focus on productivity in the farming sector, drones are the solutions to precise monitoring and mapping requirements. These drones are already transforming the way the agriculture sector functions globally, farmers are adapting to the wide-scale easy drone availability. Agricultural Drones use technology for applications such as spraying, seeding, pest control, mapping, remote sensing, and precision agriculture.

Agriculture drones are classified into the Hardware and Software where the hardware segment consists of well the hardware parts that can be felt and touched and are used to spread fertilizers (or terror). The software segment consists of data management, imaging software and data analysis (that part of ethics). These drones can also be used for monitoring livestock, those voices heard in the dead of the night no longer need to be checked in person, just turn on the cameras or send in a flying drone, also let those cows know who the boss is.

Advantages such as increased yield by analyzing and monitoring the crops are expected to support the segment growth over the forecast timeline. Owing to its accuracy of fertilizer spraying, crop scouting is expected to witness significant growth in the near future.

The increasing rate of adoption of drones for crop spraying application has resulted in an increase in the crop yield and has been shown to reduce the wastage while spraying fertilizers & pesticides. Moreover, the technological advancements, including sensors, better materials, and imaging capabilities, are also expected to further the growth of our new agriculture slaves. North America is the market leader in innovation and adoption of this technology owing to the fact they already have some experiences with drones.

Out of all the media hype though, automation is not a bad thing, countries have been using a two-pronged approach whenever they realize automation will steal jobs, this is not the complete reality. Universal basic income, universal healthcare are just some of the things in the making of policies and regulations that will according to their end game goals provide a better quality of life to everyone. They are on the brink of becoming the next workhorses on farms, employing aerial cameras to visualize plants and providing required necessities. However, lack of awareness and a dearth in number of skilled professionals are restricting further development.

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