Aircraft Seat Material Market value is $0.14 Billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 6.6% During 2018-2023.

In the report “Aircraft Seat Material Market: By Material Type (Aluminium Structure, Foam Cushions, Plastic Molding, Others); By Seat Type (Suite, First, Business, Premium Economy & Economy Classes); By...

In the report “Aircraft Seat Material Market: By Material Type (Aluminium Structure, Foam Cushions, Plastic Molding, Others); By Seat Type (Suite, First, Business, Premium Economy & Economy Classes); By Aircraft Type (RTA, WBA, Others); By Geography – (2018-2023), published by IndustryARC, the market isset to experience an upsurge in civil aircrafts,andwith rising passenger traffic estimated to double in the next 10 years, a brighter investment scenario is presented for aircraft seat material manufacturers.

Asia-Pacific demanding major share in the Aircraft Seat Material Market:
Asia-Pacific is the major region for aircraft seating market with revenue of $0.03 billion in 2018, and is estimated to reach $0.04billion by 2023. Also, Asia-Pacific market is growing at a faster growth rate compared to other established markets in America and Europe. Leadingregions of Asia-Pacific such as China, Japan and India, are strongly involved in variousaircraft design development activities, which makes it a high demand region for seat materials. Apart from Asia-Pacific, the seat material market revenue in the American and European region are estimated to grow with a high CAGR of 3.6% and 3.4% respectively.

Aircraft Seat Material Market Analysis done in the full Report:
Global Aircraft Seat Material market by type is classified broadly in the report. Structure is one of thetypeswhere seatdimensions include load bearing and seating space, each having elements for securing a seat from the continuous movement between first and second positions. Structuring is very important as this allows spacing.Flight cushions is the most important type of the aircraft, providingcomfort, looking after the well-being and safety. Materials used in the manufacture of foam cushions are polyurethane, neoprene, silicon and polyethylene. Polyurethane is a vital element in aircraft seat materials as it caters to the requirements..
The recent findingsstate that the rising civil aircrafts and aircraft upholstery business are becoming a profitable business segment.

Amongst all material types, polyester frame is a noteworthy constituent among the synthetic fiber industry. It is followed by FR nylon, whichis also a vital type of material that is toughand has excellent sliding properties. Furthermore, FR cotton and leather has a broad scale of application in this market.In the test conducted by Special Aviation Fire and Explosion Reduction Advisory Committee (SAFER), it was determined thatairplane cushion holds the strongest potential for a fire source.Plastic molding is theforemost type of artificially created non-metallic mixes.. Polycarbonate, ABS and decorative vinyl are types of moldings used in aircraft seat material market. Thisplastic molding embedsliquid fluid, which isstructured into different solidified shapesthat are used in seat shape types. . These extensive varietiesof selectable elements provideequivalent valueto their operation.

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors:
• Modern manufacturers are now strongly looking to minimize the weight of airplane seats, which reduces the overall weight of the aircraft. The minimized weight would positivelysave on fuel costs, provide enhanced travel experience and lower ticket prices.
• Growth of global aircraft seating material market includes growth in the demand for new aircraft deliveries, upgradation of aircraft programs, and increased air travel is anticipated to contribute to the market growth.
• Attractive composite componentsof fibershad and will lead the series of innovation in this industry.The useof carbon composites has increased in high performance vehicles like jet plane, spacecraft’s, and other aircrafts.

Key players of the Aircraft Seat Material Market:
Regional manufacturers  that make it an extremely competitive market, are as follows:Zodiac Aerospace, B/E Aerospace, JAMCO Aircraft Interiors Company, HAECO, RECARO Aircraft Seating Gmbh & Co. Kg and others.
Zodiac SA holds the major share in the overall seat material market. It holds almost 32% of the marketshare, followed by JAMCO Corp. and others, mentioned above.

Aircraft Seat Material Market report is segmented as below:

The study across various end user industries is incorporated in the report.

A. By Types

1. Structure (Aluminum Frame, Carbon-Fibre Composites, Steel, and Carbon Steel, Fiberglass and Kevlar)
2. Foam Cushions
3. Upholsteries
4. Fire-Blocking Textiles
5. Plastic Molding

B. By Aircraft Type

1. Large Wide Body Aircraft
2. Medium Wide-Body Aircraft
3. Small Wide Body Aircraft
4. Single AISLE Aircraft
5. Regional Transport Aircraft

C. By Seating Class

1. Suite Class.
2. First Class.
3. Business Class.
4. Premium Economy Class.
5. Economy Class.

D. By Geography (covers 10+ countries)
E. By Entropy

Companies Cited / Interviewed 
2. TSI Aviation Seats.
3. Thales Group.
5. Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd.
6. AEROSEATING Technologies LLC.
7. Ki Holdings Co., Ltd.
8. Thompson Aero Seating Ltd.
10. GEVEN S.P.A.

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What can you expect from the report?
The Aircraft Seat Material Market Report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:

1. Market Size by Product Categories & Application          11. Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)
2. Market trends & Relevant Market Data                             12. Country level Analysis
3. Manufacturer Landscape                                                     13. Competit or Analysis
4. Distributor Landscape                                                          14. Market Shares Analysis
5. Pricing Analysis                                                                      15. Value Chain Analysis
6. Top 10 End user Analysis                                                     16. Supply Chain Analysis
7. Product Benchmarking                                                         17. Strategic Analysis
8. Product Developments                                                        18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis                                         19. Opportunity Analysis
10. Patent Analysis                                                                     20. Revenue and Volume Analysis

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