Best Things To Do In Lake Vermilion This Summer

Summer is finally here and it’s time for some rest and relaxation in your go-to Lake Vermilion vacation rentals. While the Minnesota lake isn’t quite as exotic as the...

Summer is finally here and it’s time for some rest and relaxation in your go-to Lake Vermilion vacation rentals. While the Minnesota lake isn’t quite as exotic as the Caribbean seas or as luxurious as a cruise, Lake Vermilion has a number for fun summer activities that everyone will enjoy.

If your friends and family aren’t too thrilled with the trip you’ve planned to Lake Vermilion this summer, these activities will surely change their minds:

#1: Hike The Trails

Get some much needed fresh air and a break from the busy city by heading up one of the many beautiful hiking trails within the area. The lush green trees, the different sounds of nature, and the cool fresh air is the perfect way to relax and finally get some peace and quiet that you deserve.

#2: Kayaking And Paddle Boarding

Get a little fun under the sun while also giving yourself a great arm workout by renting a kayak or a paddleboard. These activities are perfect for mixing summer fun, sun, water and a little exercise as well. The great thing about these types of activities is how little to zero experience you need to have fun. As long as you’re comfortable in and on the water, there’s nothing stopping you from kayaking and paddle boarding.

#3: Nightly Bonfires

Remember those summer camp nights where you and your friends made smores while telling scary stories? Relieve those nights at one of the many bonfire spots in the area. Just ask your friendly Lake Vermilion vacation rentals staff where you can hold a bonfire. You, your friends and your family will surely create wonderful memories every night!

#4: Summer Golfing

Golf lovers will never have to worry about missing their favorite game while on vacation because there are several golf courses within the area. Just be sure to make extra room for your golf clubs during your drive to Minnesota!

#5: Ride Along The Bike Trail

Looking for a fast-paced activity to fill your time while also meeting your daily requirement for cardio? Lake Vermilion is home to the Northeastern MN’s Mesabi bike trail where you and a couple of friends can enjoy the great outdoors while riding your bikes. It’s a chance for a new adventure on a new trail where you can make amazing memories and accomplish so much!

#6: Swimming!

Swimming is a must during your vacation. There’s nothing better than spending a couple of sunny summer days just swimming on the lake and having fun on the water trampoline. No child or adult can resist the call of a cool and refreshing lake during the warm summer months after all.

Summer Of Endless Fun

When you’re planning a trip to Lake Vermilion this summer, don’t forget to include more than a few of these activities. There’s so much to do and so much to see that you’ll find yourself extending your stay at your favorite Lake Vermilion vacation rentals, even for just a few more nights. Make it a summer you and your loved ones will never forget!
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