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From an exhaustive list of words, ‘passionate’ is the most common term attached to customer service. Delivering passionate customer experience is all about how enthusiastic and committed the customer...

From an exhaustive list of words, ‘passionate’ is the most common term attached to customer service. Delivering passionate customer experience is all about how enthusiastic and committed the customer service agent is, immaterial of whether he/she reaches the set goals. The courteousness that comes with customer service can be taught only to a certain limit—the inner fire of having someone’s problems resolved, getting in touch with them to check how satisfied they are with the service they received and being there for the customers at needy times—all these factors are seldom ingrained in passionate people. Finding such rare talents is the real challenge because it will be a game changer both for the organization and the employee.

If you’ve ever seen customer care agents do the following, be rest assured that they are on the path to delivering the most fulfilling customer experience:

  • They stay focused and keep improving their pace day by day, immaterial of the setbacks that come their way.
  • They are always looking for potential solutions to their customers’ problems whether or not they have been asked by their bosses to do so.
  • They never give up or play the blame game when they receive negative feedback from their customers.
  • They are always open to embracing feedback, good or bad, and keep looking for ways to improve their service delivery.
  • They keep a close watch of the competitor companies and their customer service strategies to improve their own.
  • They look at everything from the customer’s viewpoint and come up with solutions that are customer-centric.
  • They take their time out to identify even the smallest areas of improvement, because small things make the biggest differences.

Now, if you want to try your hands at recruiting the best customer service talents in your company, you cannot judge a candidate with the above-given points, as you don’t get to see them working when you’re interviewing. Therefore, here are certain characteristics that you can go by, which will eventually make them passionate while on the job:

Check if the candidate is making eye contact. When you throw a customer care-related question to the candidate, he/she must be able to look into your eye and give out a solution. This shows that the agent really cares about the issue and considers the issue important. These are the type of people whom you want to run the show with.

Assess the candidate’s positive attitude. If you’re wondering why, that is the basic indicator about their positive attitude. Your customer would not want to listen to agents who don’t have a positive attitude to problems.

Empathy is the next best attribute. Even as a common man, you want your friends and close ones to empathize with your problems, don’t you? Question yourself from the customer’s viewpoint now—they also want to be empathized with when they report problems. Your candidate should be able to both empathize and at the same time, come up with affirmative solutions—because just empathizing is not what the customer is looking for!

Check their attitude for multitasking. Your candidate must be smiling and friendly even over the phone and at the same time, intently listening to problems. Customer service is all about multitasking, isn’t it?

Check how genuinely they want this job—having said that, this is not about judging the candidate based on his/her financial condition. Check their work history! This speaks volumes about their job roles and also indicates whether they have changed roles. Changing jobs is completely different from changing roles—your candidate needs to have been in the same kind of profile—this is a simple indicator that he/she wants a future out of this career and does not look at it as a money-earning channel alone.

Therefore, delivering the right customer experience and hiring passionate customer care agents is not a herculean task. It is all about hiring people with the right attributes. Take a plunge and hire the best!

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